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  1. June

    hi there...This looks great.. I just started this year with potted plants..Some are hit or miss...I replanted the ones that have lost their flowers in yard hoping for recovery. The asiatics(only one I know name for) have all lost petals. I have an orange one like your pic and that is doing great now that I put it in the yard....
  2. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    I have met a few great providers over the years..But, dozens more that were gaud awful. (smells, rushed, mechanical) In no particular order the things I liked. 1) Girls squats on my and bounces up and down. 2)cleans me up and has warm wash cloth 3)no smell of smoke 4)works on the tip more than just bobbing up and down. 5)impeccably clean 6)not a clock watcher 7)Doesnt say stop or no( rules of engagement discussed well in advance of encounter) 8)Never says hurry up or are you done yet.( a big turn off and ruins moment) 9) Has supplies needed.
  3. Wow,some great stories here...My first celebrity was Jack Nicholson when I was 13.I was having a party and my mom and dad invited him for a drink. nobody too famous other than Dad meeting OJ simpson before his downfall. When living in Florida- first charity dinner Michael Irvin- Ted Hendrick- My mom dropped his super bowl ring into a glass of wine Bo Shembeckler- Couch of the FAU owls for a while Mark Duper Dwight Stevenson-Tackle for the dolphins Chuck Lorre Allison Janey James MacNeil- RB for Jets-
  4. Tell me about money

    Yes!!!!!! and less complicated.
  5. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    Never thought of pretending to talk to someone on the phone...I can barely walk and chew gum, so it might be a little difficult. I usually wear a hat and dark sunglasses.
  6. Pic from the old days

    I didn't even notice until you mentioned it..thanks lol.
  7. The Tale of B.A.S.

    at least Neil isnt around here!
  8. The Tale of B.A.S.

    Hey its my cutie pie!!!!! LOL
  9. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Great hearing this perspective.
  10. How to retire? Or semi-retire?

    Don't know you but congrats on your new adventure. I'm sure you will figure out what to do.And, best case is trying something and then modifying your situation... good luck!
  11. Gift Cards?

    Hehehe...poke the
  12. Gift Cards?

    Another one.., lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  13. Gift Cards?