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  1. I just spent half an hour going through the member list and looking at last log on dates. We have lost a ton of providers.....is this my imagination or are others thinking that as well? I wish there was something we could do about this.

    I know it's the nature of the business, however, many of these folk made great contributions to the board.


  2. I'm with lewd, it's part of my morning showering routine and has been since the late 80's.....not that I want to date myself. Never had problems with burns or ingrown hairs. Lol, last week, to save time my SO and I showered together and I think I had gone three days. So, what the heck, I'll groom in front of her. She loved it.....I don't think I have the courage to hand my razor over to her though.


  3. When I lived in Connecticut I use to boat, I had a boat with two cabins and it was big enough to live aboard for maybe a couple of weeks. Long story short, my all time favorite ASP would meet me there from time to time. Our best session ever was during a mild thunderstorm with the sound of rain hitting the hull above. We finished our session and just laid there looking out a hatch and port hole for over an hour.......great memories!


  4. I would have to vote for Elaine as best new ASP in the Denver area. She combines so many of the attributes I look for in a session. Just a super nice person and enjoyable to spend time with.

    Megan Rae hasn't logged on since October. Her humor is missed!


  5. Ironically, when I came here in 2008, one of my first posts was about good provider recommendations. I ended up meeting swapping several emails with a long term area ASP. As we emailed back and forth we realized we had a ton in common and began to date. We would see each other every couple of weeks and really got a long well. She would always say, "never fall in love with a hooker". Love no, but I certainly really enjoyed her company both in and out of the bedroom.

    The moral to the story is it's always best to tell the truth. This alternative world we live in here can not represent reality, however, there is a lot to learned about human beings here. There is a basic need in life and that is to love the be loved. We all want this unless you are a small majority. I must fall into the 10% category since I would be okay dating and opening up emotionally to a provider. However, I believe the majority of men would not fall into this category. As long as you are truthful to who ever you are talking with then you can have a clear conscious. Agreed with Sphinx on this one. If feelings are starting to develop then it's important to share the details to see where the other person is.


  6. I found out from one of my references that the girls never made contact with her and she's been in the Denver scene for a long time and is very well known here on the board. Yes, I did contact them for a same day appointment, however, to my defense, they posted a special rate related to that day only. So, who knows......just kind of odd in my opinion. In their defense they could have booked a bunch of regulars for that day. It's a hobby, I don't take this too personally. I am sure who ever the lucky customers were they had a great day!


  7. +1 Pfunk, I try to bring a gift and or a single fresh flower if it's someone I have never been with before. I read reviews (if any) to make sure I understand what her limits are. I did this for one women over the summer and when I repeated in the fall she still had the glass vase I brought the flower with but the vase had a fresh flowers in it.

    I think if more guys shifted their thoughts to this being a date rather than time with an ASP it would benefit both sides of this awkward situation. Think about it....."Hi! Let's have sex!" Not a social norm by any means.


  8. Do you only see women from P411 or will you see providers from other sources as well? I feel like if you make them aware of your P411 account and preferences then they should make an effort to emulate your preferences.

    There is one ASP that I got to know in 2009 and she floats in and out of the hobby to this day. I never looked at her P411 account until this past week and was a bit shocked as to some of the things she was into sexually.

    I guess the moral to the story is to read as much as you can when it comes to being with a new ASP. It shows respect and a sincere interest in making a session work for both involved.


  9. I was watching a documentary on sexuality this past weekend. A group decided to update the Kinsey study since it was done 40 years ago. The current study interviewed over 5,500 people and it concluded that taboos like anal sex and oral sex have risen dramatically over the last 40 years. I can't quote the exact numbers because they broke it down by how old a person was. However, the number 40% of women 18 - 29 have experimented with anal sex. 40 years ago the number was something like 10% of women 18 - 29.

    My point to this is that we as a culture have so much more access to sexual content due to the internet then any previous generation. Besides very easy access to porn, which I would assume most of us watch either by ourselves or with a lover, in addition to the invention of the birth control pill were the studies two main contributing factors to the increase of less traditional forms of sex. It was a fascinating show to watch! It also discussed the rising numbers of people who participate in our little hobby......which isn't so little according to the study!

    Okay, back to the topic at hand. IMHO, anal sex is more muscular feeling than a typical vaginal sex (my experience) and it is a taboo and is erotic. I think I've participated in this activity a total of 4 times and it tends to really trip my trigger. However, it is by no means necessary. There is no substitute for a well tuned set of Kegel muscles.


  10. I just found it about a week ago and haven't moved off the station yet. It's just a great way to pass time behind the wheel and I always get out of the car in a great mood!


  11. Throwing this out for general discussion. About three weeks ago two well known ASP's were offering a special as a duo and I was very interested in booking them for an hour of their time that day. I gave them two very well known references and my real name (highly unusual and I google quite well due to profession) and my TOB handle since they are active here. I was told to wait until my very well known references would have to respond prior to them booking with me. I waited an hour and texted, my references had not responded. I texted another hour later and was told the same thing. I let it go and never heard back from them.

    My question is if a client provides his real name, which can be verified through the phone I use for hobbying and two references isn't that really enough? I understand that booking that day might not be possible but they never got back to me. I think that's the bigger issue to me. If I am going to take a risk and put my real information in the hands of an ASP they should at least finish the screening process for a later date and contact me and let me know that they have screened me via either a phone call or text.

    What are your thoughts, ladies, I would be interested in hearing your side of this. Guys, am I unique in this situation? If screening takes more than a day I am perfectly fine with that. I guess where I am stuck is no return message saying I was screened for future potential as a client.


  12. +1 MeganRae.

    When I was traveling extensively, I would walk through the airport security lines or any queue and when I would pass a women and think, "yes" or "no" as to whether I would want to have sex with them. The nice thing about queues is you get to see them again so my eyes would wander discreetly over their features, which prompted a fantasy of what it would be like to be with this person........no food ever enters my mind! Repeat this sequence in just about any public setting. People watching and fantasy, goes hand in hand with a fetish of mine. Stranger sex, nothing spoken, just intimacy without words with someone who visually excites you.