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  1. Hotel or Outcall?

    Sending a PM....
  2. Hotel or Outcall?

    Like the previous poster said, having an incall can only increase your marketability. If you're willing to do it upfront (meaning you're not worried about not covering it), it's kinda no-lose.
  3. Hotel or Outcall?

    Not a direct answer to your question, but if you do offer both, let the guy know if you'll be getting a room to see him. On several occasions I wouldn't have requested incall if I'd known she was going to book a room for my appointment.
  4. Condoms - Yes or No?

    If you're not one of them, why are you asking about it? Moronic question. Call it a judgment if you need to.
  5. Why "freebies" are not the norm..........

    Freebies are doable. I'm lucky to have had a few, and they are probably the best sexual experiences I've ever had. The key is the lady needs to be certain that it doesn't mean "free for all time going forward". That's bullshit. Also, I've never asked for one. That falls into the category of "obviously stupid".
  6. I might be using the term wrong. Here's an excellent compilation of it in use: Is this offered by anyone in CO?
  7. Backpage escort section gone

    It's a real site, just sketchy.
  8. Megan Kush gone MIA?

    No response for a while, hope she's alright.
  9. Stuck. The question for the guys.

    This, unless something makes me think more patience is appropriate. It's not really about timing as much as it is zero bullshit. I'm assuming the attitude is similar on "the other side of the phone".
  10. Ratings???

    Can't describe the problem much better than that.
  11. Ratings???

    Or, we could change nothing at all about the current system and guys could stop padding ratings so much. It's a very simple problem with a very simple solution.
  12. Comcast censoring p411?

    I can reach it now, having changed nothing. Something is up with Comcast <-> P411's hosting. I could get the IP the whole time, I just couldn't get a connection. Worked yesterday, works now, didn't work for hours in the middle.
  13. Comcast censoring p411?

    Comcast here. P411 unavailable, but was ok yesterday. Everything else is fine. edit: I can resolve the name, I just can't get a response. double edit: I also had to reset my connection this morning.