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  1. How often do you hobby?

    Hard in the escort desert that is Southern Colorado/Northern New Mexico. Pun intended.
  2. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    Hmm...quite the opportunity there. Can you say captive audience ladies?
  3. Trinidad/ Raton Area

    And one for me, garçon
  4. Deposits

    Deposits mean paper trail and exponential likelihood of being scammed. Not good for home team. My only deposit gets tied in a knot and stuffed in my pocket once we're officially friends.
  5. Deposits

    A member going on 5 years, as sexy as you are and skilled as your reviews reveal, I'm sure you'll agree most encounters go unreviewed. This thread alone proves it happens all the time.
  6. Provider asking for a picture?

    Nothing wrong with respectfully pointing out inconsistencies is there
  7. Introduction

    Hello everyone. My name is Jim and I am a middle-aged, experienced, and respectful gentleman new to SE Colorado and theotherboard. More of a lurker, I hope to become acquainted with discrete friends from Lamar to Pueblo.
  8. Provider asking for a picture?

    Not wanting your pic on "her" phone is smart thinking You mean like the confidentiality agreement Stormy signed? And you need anonymity too? How interesting as in rich.
  9. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    At least they got an actual flavor @skinnydud - none "chocolate" but they are all closer to sugar spice everything nice. End the carnie search and tap the coworker before you get woulda shoulda coulda old like me
  10. Hello there. I'm a respectful, mature, super discrete gentleman interested looking forward to meeting like-minded friends from Pueblo to Lamar, particularly ladies. Surely there are more than what appears?
  11. Introduction

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone