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  1. 411 on kansasgirl6993

    If you look at her listings, she's been here as recently as last month. Also active on P411 just a few days ago. https://theotherboard.com/users/114558/listings
  2. 411 on kansasgirl6993

    I think this may be who you're looking for: https://theotherboard.com/users/114558 She goes by kansasgirl6993
  3. Rainarich

  4. Melissa

    Has six positive reviews on PD: https://privatedelights.ch/USA/Colorado/Denver/Meetwithgrace
  5. How about a P411 account? She hasn't had it for very long, but she does have it. Keep in mind, P411 will give you some assurance as to legitimacy, but doesn't tell you anything about the quality of her service. https://preferred411.com/P394907
  6. p411 for Annie

    Try this one - https://preferred411.com/P344913 Also on PD with 18 5-star reviews - https://privatedelights.ch/USA/Colorado/Denver/Annieaaa I have no personal knowledge, but thinking about getting some
  7. 411 on Ava (from Eros)

    Found it https://theotherboard.com/users/115758/
  8. 411 on Ava (from Eros)

    She's also posting on Tryst, different phone number. She does look familiar. I believe she was here on TOB pre-pandemic, but I haven't been able to find her profile yet. https://tryst.link/escort/jasmine-love93
  9. Annie Glade 411 please

    Correction - mynx. Here's a link to a tryst account I found: https://tryst.link/escort/samantha-mynx And her website: https://samanthamynx303.wixsite.com/escort
  10. Annie Glade 411 please

    Based on the pics and the website layout, she appears to be another incarnation of Samantha Minx/Natalia something or other, and a few other names. I've never met her although I considered it. She had a couple of good reviews on PD from a few years back, but she must have taken down her profile. That's about all I have.
  11. 411 on Lydia Lavelle

    https://preferred411.com/P366767 Corrected link
  12. 411, please

    And a P411 profile: https://preferred411.com/P332999
  13. 411 on Lydia Lavelle

    She's been discussed here before under a different personna: 411 on Emma Love She now has a p411 profile https://preferred411.com/Provider_Page_Client2.cfm?Cid=366998 and a new profile on PD https://privatedelights.ch/USA/Colorado/Denver/LydiaLavelle with 6 positive reviews. I've not seen her and likely won't at her current rate and deposit requirement.
  14. Do you remember?

    How about metal dashes (no padding) and no seat belts. And no one saw that as a problem!
  15. 411 on Yves Dubois

    She's on P411. I have no personal knowledge of her, though. https://preferred411.com/P359086