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  1. Jennifer Lopez at 50?

    You’re only as old as you feel
  2. Favorite Nipple

    The gumdrop kind
  3. Posting in another state

    I asked the same thing looks like we can’t though.
  4. San Francisco

    Never been To San Francisco but thinking about visiting! Any recommendations on the best part of town to stay? Near mall or restaurants?
  5. super bowl prediction?

    I don’t see any threads about the Superbowl. Anyone wanna make a prediction? Lol it’s a hard gamble though not sure who to pick the chiefs or the 49ers hmmm..
  6. Sunday Morning Fun

    Last Sunday or this Sunday?
  7. Where’s them sexy ladies at

    Lol no comment
  8. Turned down by my looks-yikes!

    Lmao I doubt it was because of your good looks. Maybe you looked like a 19 year old I pass on the young guys all the time. Too sketchy
  9. Internet changes prostitution business models

    Definitely the Internet and apps. Being a hooker is being normalized and everyone wants to do it these days. With music and celebs like Kim k or amber rose with the Slutwalk influencing it’s pop culture to be a “hoe”
  10. Incall or outcall

    For me it depends on the client and session length. Incall for short stays and sketchy clients. But longer dates definitely public settings or outcall preferred.
  11. RIP Kobe

    What a tragic loss. Praying for V.
  12. ECCIE down

    Eccie chickened out, Ter US is also down. I’m just glad Gina is a Fighter!
  13. Naughty Hottie

    lol.. I hope that blood is flowing to the right part of the body 😈
  14. Naughty Hottie

    Hey guys, Kelly Kiss Here
  15. Any local providers with lower back piercings?