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  1. The things we remember

    The spank bank has kept me sane through this pandemic. "To all the girls I've loved before ... who've traveled in and out my door ..."
  2. STG any luck boys?

    I've had great luck on it, but you have to sort through the 95% fake/scam ads. The site is well-named ... you have to skip a lot of games. It's easy for people to shit on STG but those of us not lucky enough to live in Denver don't have a lot of options on TOB or P411.
  3. I said "what might happen". I never stated that all PSE girls have STDs. For example I also mentioned Anal, but I don't assume that PSE always means Anal any more than I assume it means unprotected sex with someone that has STDs. I was trying to be humorous.
  4. Step 1: Get tested. Step 2: Stop stereotyping. Not all providers hate men and are fucked up mentally. Step 3: Don't make P4P sex personal. Don't have sex with anyone who does. Emotions are for dating, not P4P.
  5. For me, GFE means that chitchat gives way to making out (DFK), and most likely BBBJ among other activities. I've never had a girlfriend who wouldn't kiss. PSE means probably a high-energy session where God only knows what might happen. Anal, deep throat, call me daddy, broken beds, visits to the STD clinic, etc. Generally I prefer GFE!
  6. Madeline on SkipTheGames

    I can't find any red flags other than I'd gladly give her all my money if she is real. So I'd rather not know!
  7. Warning About the Information Age

    More stuff to keep you up at night: To summarize: Even if you have turned off location services on your phone, and don't use Facebook or anything like that, individuals (not just law enforcement) can find your phone's location knowing nothing more than the phone number. This was a surprise to me and I thought I knew a fair bit about how this data is used. It's a combination of the service providers selling information for "legit" purposes that gets sold and resold and sometimes accessed via bugs/hacks.
  8. I’m a fucking mess

    Thanks for posting this review ... I will not be booking this provider! No but seriously, sometimes the little guy needs a week or two of vacation to get his work ethic back.
  9. Labia-good, bad or ugly

    I'm sorry to hear about your untimely death
  10. Labia-good, bad or ugly

    It never ceases to amaze me how some women are worried about their labia being 3mm too large when men are like THERE'S A NAKED WOMAN HERE AND I CAN TOUCH HER.
  11. Warning About the Information Age

    FYI even if you're not a FB user, Zuck is watching!
  12. Warning About the Information Age

    This is all true. The main security blanket we have is that the corporations have most of the data and they are interested in making money. The government has less of this data and is more interested in a few specific types of crimes (terrorism, drug crimes, etc) than in people getting their dicks wet. This can change, especially when politicians and police, somehow, despite this being a very simple concept, often confuse sex trafficking and especially underage trafficking with what two consenting adults might do. It baffles the mind, but anyway. The other security blanket you have is that you're probably lost in the sea of data - most fish swimming in a school don't get eaten by the sharks, just an unlucky few do.
  13. When to hang it up...

    Seems like very few ladies have age limits, at least explicitly stated limits. God bless them, one and all.
  14. CARES Act

    I'm not sure why this "no insults and derogatory names" rule applies when talking about the President, but does not apply to the President himself when he talks about others. #BeBest
  15. Warning About the Information Age

    Good advice to just not use platforms like this if you are worried about privacy at all. Even if you limit what you tell them, they figure out a lot from your friends. For example you might not upload your contacts to some platform or app, but if other people upload their contacts and you are in that list, then they know at least some of your contacts. If you have two phones that always are at the same location together, that can be correlated. Use different email addresses and passwords everywhere Use entirely different devices for hobbying. Use a different service provider (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) If a breach of privacy will ruin you, then just stop. It's impossible to be fully private in 2020.