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  1. Which path are you on

    I just follow my pecker, forward and down.
  2. Marie Antoinette

    P411 is currently invaluable but it's doomed if the policy continues for very long. People will leave from death/retirement and the pool will shrink along with the money to run the business. Here's hoping that does NOT happen.
  3. Cos

    This is a very old thread that has randomly sprung to life! Things were bad before, when BP was the main place for Springs ladies to advertise, but now it's gone and things are much worse. Sure, we have some nice ladies and some listings on TOB/P411. But it's harder than ever, and P411 is only shrinking. Still, there are ways...
  4. Insight

    It's a big big world and there are billions of lovely ladies out there.
  5. Insight

    I appreciate the links, but these are all almost all bad. Eroticmonkey looks legit but has not much going on in my town. Cityxguide is good for a laugh! Looks to have auto-generated ads by a computer with broken English. Super fake. Escortfish has months old ads gfemonkey has only a few big cities. girl-directory - same bedpage has nothing. Only ONE of these sites,, looks like it might be useful. But I think it's probably just reposting old Backpage ads. Does anyone know if this site is legit, as opposed to just reposting old content? The fact that they don't have dates on their ads is a big negative. Some ladies are not liable to keep the same number for long.
  6. Strength in numbers

    Freedom of speech, and freedom of association. Yes, there are limits on both rights (there are limits on all rights), so these are not a "right to hobby". I think there's a strong argument to be made that sex work among consenting adults should be legal. The problem is that few people are willing to stand up and say that (I mean judges, legislators, and clients). So I'm not holding my breath for legalization. It might slowly crawl out of the shadows, like weed has, but that's not happening right now.
  7. When she says she came "4 times" and...

    [slow clap] I have been on hiatus but if DM is posting his poetry, I should visit more often!
  8. 411 help in COS please

    Remember, you're paying for her time only, and whatever consenting activities adults do is up to them. In the end it's not just a disclaimer, and I really do believe that. These girls are humans and sometimes take time to get comfortable. For me, things progressed on the second visit.
  9. Don't lie about your age!

    At least you're honest about lying!
  10. Pro or Amateur photos?

    I can see why the "pros" with their own web sites get professional pictures. But I prefer the amateur shots. For me the best thing a lady can do is to post new pics reasonably often ... when she's posting the same pics from 5 years ago I'm going to wonder why.
  11. Who knows what you do?

    One or two close friends know, and a few suspect. But I've told every girlfriend I've had since I started hobbying. I'm a shitty liar. It has never been a deal-breaker, but then again I didn't state exactly how frequently I hobby.
  12. What's lost in this thread is the idea that not every escort is the same or runs her business the same. If she's a low-quantity, P411 girl and you prebooked days in advance, then canceling a few hours before has probably cost her some business and is not cool. If she's a Backpage girl with a line of guys down the hallway, then she probably won't even notice that you didn't show. And there's a spectrum in between...
  13. What's between "spinner" and "BBW"?

    Jesus Christ, Kashmir! I thought I was done but it's back to therapy for me, now.
  14. 411 help in COS please

    Not sure if she's still active, she hasn't posted in a while. It's a constantly changing landscape in the Springs. Right now things are pretty bad, at least if you're looking for slender white girls.