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    I am 25. I have a BA in business. I used to work for the State. Now, I own my own business.
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  1. Sugar daddy

  2. Sugar daddy

    *gets fat ass on soap box* I basically only try to get sugar daddy situations. I feel it is safer than constantly seeing new guys. Plus, I am very fond of my guys. A couple guys @ $400 to $600 a month will pay the bills along with better sex as we know each others preferences and have a connection. *sits fat ass down*
  3. Tin eye experts?

    Ok, I think I deleted my inbox.I am using tin eye and I can't find a match of ANY pics. I actually took a random reality pic from a website and its not getting anything.
  4. Tin eye experts?

    I am needing some help with tin eye/ reverse image searches. Please pm if you are so inclined!
  5. What's between "spinner" and "BBW"?

    Proportional and shapely
  6. #ThingsYouDontSayToAnEscort

    "I bet you would look so hot while being pregnant."
  7. "Sign Pic"

    yes x1,000,000. Super, overly cautious guys weird me out
  8. Concert Tickets

    Now if this was Zac Brown Band.... Lol
  9. Meeting an escort as a virgin?

    Find a reviewed gal with an in call
  10. Anyone else?

    Anyone else think that this would be an epic "professional escort" parody? Plus Miss Piggy is my spirit animal!
  11. Scary Ad in COS BP

    I have done several out calls with gentleman that had a pistol by the bed. I love shooting and all that, but it made my blood run cold. A gun on the first meeting freaks me out.
  12. This review had me in tears....

    Was this for real?
  13. Searching for Mistress

    Ha ha telling it like it is
  14. Short trimmed on both, please!
  15. Joytoy

    I love her legs! Plus, I am a sucker for blondes.