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  1. Of all the cases presented here, only Kelly McGillis represents an epic decline. While Jane Fonda looks great for her age, she's known for having an endless steam of plastic surgeries. So complement the surgeons and not Jane.
  2. purchasing Viagra on-line

    Owl- The article that you reference is about a "compounding" pharmacy which can be more of a mom-and-pop operation headed by a pharmacist. So not exactly applicable to the discussion. Still, I basically agree with your argument. Well over half of the generic prescription drugs that everyone takes are manufactured in India or China. I've also used Indian pharmacies with absolutely no problems. The pills are packaged carefully in air-tight blister pill packs with the expiration date on each pack.
  3. LOL, that was pretty funny. I've never heard of National Report -- but it reminds me of The Onion which does similar political satire.
  4. Advise to Hillary (Humor)

    Moonlight Bunny Ranch has officially endorsed Hillary (really). We have another 18.5 months of Hillary jokes to come. Better get used to it...
  5. From the picture, it looks a little dirty -- but you have to wonder if it could still do the intended job. Also, could you really put something like that on display at the Smithsonian?
  6. Fort Collins prostitution sting catches 10

    Now someone out there can correct me if I am wrong: the phone conversation leading up to the appointment would have to include some explicit details. If the John simply says "how much is your donation?" then there is no case. There must be some explicit (and foolish) discussion of details for the arrest to go down.
  7. COS PD Johns on Facebook

    I've never heard of a shamed-john going after the police for damages. Are there any real-life examples out there? Aren't the mugshots public records?
  8. COS PD Johns on Facebook

    I wonder if any of these johns have become suicidal after being humiliated publicly? That kind of reaction does not seem so outlandish to me. What would it take to demonstrate that the humiliation does not fit the crime?
  9. So what's the cure for the blues after a lackluster, non-erotic session? Answer: Pizza. Two slices at Costco for about $4.50.
  10. Just please avoid giving them out on Halloween.
  11. The objects of our fantasies...

    +100 on Selena Gomez. She apparently has a good sense of humor, too. Have ya seen this 50 Shades parody? Also CH, thanks for turning me on to Mad Men. More addictive [snip} and ruining my life;)
  12. I've heard stories where hot young girls try to get dudes to do embarrassing sex acts on webcam. Then, they extort the dude by threatening to post the clip all over the Internet. It might be fun to play along and see what happens.
  13. "Please treat her well..."

    I vastly prefer "don't be a fucking pig" for directness and originality. I agree with the OP that "treat her well" is the most boring, banal, and overused phrase on TOB.
  14. What is the definition of '3gs'?

    There's a Mexican restaurant on Broadway in Denver called "4Gs." Makes me snicker when I drive by, and wonder what's on the menu???
  15. No Black or AA men

    Yeah, it's a recurring topic, and probably beaten to death. I've only been here a short time, and I think the topic has come up twice. I feel sorry for young, responsible, AA men reading that shit and feeling rejected based on their skin color. It's just totally repulsive to read in print. Yet, is this racism on the part of the providers? I don't think so. The reality (for whatever reason) is that young AA men are *statistically* more likely to be involved with crime and violence and my guess is that providers fear for their safety. That's self-preservation, not racism. What the ads say about human nature in general is more depressing: I wonder how much of the same stereotyping occurs in our LE and courts, which *must* be color-blind. Just in a less overt way. I have one quick off-topic question: If LE were putting up a fake ad as part of a sting, do you think they would they put "no black or AA men" in the ad? Just how low would LE go to add realism to a fake ad?