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  1. Technically unable to see profiles or personal listing

    Should be up in less then 90 minutes, we had an issue with an update, sorry about that
  2. Is Tryst taking over?

    This makes No sense. Please PM us for clarification.
  3. Did you know...

    Not Reviews... Reviewers requesting a Reference;) Correct, do not blindly provide a reference. If the Reviewer doesn't respond, deny it. As a courtesy the reviewer should reach out after requesting a Reference via PM, text, email etc.. Have a great day Kali
  4. Did you know...

    That is incorrect, there is a field where reviewers can add details to refresh a providers memory when requesting a Reference.
  5. Is Tryst taking over?

    @monroepierce you are more then welcome to reach out and discuss your issue via pm.
  6. Did you know...

    REFERENCES When requesting a Reference a Reviewer should also reach out via phone, text and let the provider know they've requested one. If a Provider is unsure who the person is that's requesting a Reference Kali is right, send a PM. However, sometimes they may not log back in for a few days. Unfortunately, the PM notifications may be turned off on their end, ending up in their spam or blocked by their email provider or it's not sent out due to a bug in the system:( please be patient:)
  7. Is Tryst taking over?

    CLARIFICATION ON NEW PROVIDERS- If a new provider has no or limited history, no or limited reviews we may ask them to obtain a Reference from an established TOB Provider.
  8. Answered via PM welcome to TOB
  9. Review Denied

    DastardlyDave please check your PM your were sent extract instructions on how to proceed.
  10. Advice- Do not give a Reference to someone you don't personally know.

    Thank you for posting this to warn members! Always check the website address That one is not .com it's .SITE
  12. ? How to take down a featured ad early !?

    There is a Featured Spot now available
  13. ? How to take down a featured ad early !?

    Unfortunately we never received a request from you. We have sent you a pm.
  14. Fake Reference Request

    Send that user a pm. Get them to acknowledge they want a reference. Then use the Report link in the PM and explain they did not see you.
  15. Can’t get pictures to upload

    This is under the HELP link PICTURE WON'T LOAD: Does the blue line load, but then no image appears? If so, the image is to large. A quick fix, send that image to yourself in a text message, save that and then upload that image.