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  1. 411 on karen eva

    I contacted her but she wanted prepayment to meet, so red flag went up.
  2. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    Fair thoughts. Here is my take, it seems you are an intelligent guy, but likely you realize the reality of the deal and you ultimately want something 'more' rather then just a physical act- you are paying someone for affection and faking reality and your brain snaps back to reality after the carnal need is met. A cognitive dissonance. The real question arises, are you truly ok with that? Some like variety, bored with the current life, actually find a real connection with someone, high uncontainable libido... the reasons could be quite numerous.
  3. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    I see plenty of ads for 300, 400 500+ an hour? IDK depends on how busy someone wants to be.
  4. Condoms - Yes or No?

    Haha opps, Trichomoniasis!
  5. Condoms - Yes or No?

    Remember being 'clean' may mean 'no symptoms', but STDs can be symptomatic free like Trichinosis especially with the male, who can go around spreading it unknowingly. It is very important to get regularly tested (both parties) regardless! Some 1 millions Americans have HIV, with huge numbers not even knowing especially in the younger crowd. The biggest risk factors are needle sharers (Dont do drugs), MSM (44% unaware!, unprotected anal), and female sex workers. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/211316-overview#a1 https://www.webmd.com/hiv-aids/news/20100923/1-in-5-gay-bi-men-have-hiv-nearly-half-dont-know#1
  6. Denver/Aurora

    Humm why not do another one another night? Of course, it would be invite only, zero business discussion rules... just some adults hanging out- like a bowling night, punch bowl, or line dancing. Maybe make a new friend or 2. I guess it would be easier for the single folk here.
  7. Stop Chasing Another Version of Yourself

    It is the "grass is always greener" problem that is programmed in humans. Actually, a evolutionary relic, causing an individual to never truly be content- let us say you are in a safe valley with food and shelter 1000's years ago. Our ancestors would never venture out and find even a better valley food source by getting up and motivated to move out. Settle, standards reset repeat. Ever wonder why powered stars that seem have it all, friends, fame, power (Robin Williams) can be commonly be found to be depressed and unhappy? It takes real refection and discipline to overcome it.
  8. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    Oh yea, Washington Park seems like the epi-center of professionals hang out- Volleyball (!), running/walking, hanging out etc. or just read a book or have a picnic.
  9. ( Almost) Lonely loner

    Humm, well I am motivated to meet new people and get out there after a long relationship that ended so I have tried meetup.com. Not bad, I have joined a few social ones and running ones and it works well. Essentially, it caters to folks with similar interests hanging out, a lot are new transplants without a lot of contacts.
  10. STING by DIA!

    A reminder to anyone, if you are under suspicion NEVER EVER say anything or make any admissions- everything you say will be used against you. Just politely decline and dont say a thing. This is your CONSTITUTIONAL right they endless people have throughout our history has died for. Dont play big brothers game ever.
  11. Unbelievable, people just going to enjoy country music. I am at a loss for words, at least 50 dead and 400 wounded. I dont know what to say. https://www.yahoo.com/gma/las-vegas-shooting-eyewitness-sounded-thousand-shots-095004623--abc-news-topstories.html
  12. Weird behavior?

    There seems to be a huge increase in members joining. I dont know. Maybe tighten screening, increase new friend rates to weed bad apples...
  13. Las Vegas Concertgoer Massacre

    A hard week for all, with gut wrenching stories. The heroes who emerged with some stories who stood out. Let us remember and celebrate these people and strive to emulate these heroic actions if any tragic stuck near us, even if it cost you your life. I encourage you to read these people's stories. Some that are quite moving. Jack Beaton - Died on his 23rd wedding anniversary shielding his wife. Matthew Cobos The US army said it best- "He is the epitome of the american solider" - Shielded this unidentified woman who tripped, and ran back into danger helping victims. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/10/05/mystery-hero-seen-saving-lives-las-vegas-attack-identified-young/ Jonathan Smith- helped get over 30 people out of danger. Lives with a bullet in the neck. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/10/03/he-helped-people-escape-from-the-storm-of-gunfire-in-las-vegas-now-he-has-a-bullet-in-his-neck/?utm_term=.60097d0b55df More stories: http://www.businessinsider.com/stories-of-heroism-las-vegas-mass-shooting-2017-10/#jack-beaton-died-protecting-his-high-school-sweetheart-1
  14. OMG! So bored and stuck

    I am not sure where sometimes get a redirect to a webpage "Microsoft Virus detected" BS. Usually just have to force quit. It may have come from clicking on yahoo news sites. Anyone know about this? (Chrome)
  15. Etiquette in contacting a provider

    I always struggle with that too, if she is currently posting, seems like fair game, a few days sure, but a good chance she might not be available unless she regularly posts every week or so... how far back is too far? Likely will depend on the lady. I do appreciate exact dates and times in the post or directions on how /when to contact.
  16. Well stated. If your looking for a Westworld robot, you may want to take a real slumber because we are still dealing with people here. Comparing this to a typical 'job' that ladies just need to suck it up is utterly ridiculous.
  17. Las Vegas Concertgoer Massacre

    And to think one of the most locked down and the immense surveillance, not just in the country but in the entire world that a psycho can accomplish this. Fully auto weapons? Are you kidding me? These have been basically been outlawed to citizens since Al Capon's Tommy guns.
  18. Sometimes We Just Say Not Today

    Wasnt there a lady that used to be here who would only be active a very specific times of the day? Meaning phone not on outside times etc. I honesty have no idea how some do it, constant, texts, emails, calls.... I would be terrible if I had juggle this.
  19. Sometimes We Just Say Not Today

    Guilt for what? A side hobby is just that, a side hobby. Do what YOU want to do I say, even if that means taking a step back or making time for other things you care about or have to do. I do not think anyone in their right mind could be offended.
  20. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    Good quotes can be found anywhere, books, movies. Just a few off the top of my head, 1) "Birds of a feather flock together"- Rings true, you prefer people who are like yourself. Friends, spouse, co-workers, favorite team... 2) "Contradictions do not exist" - Ayn Rand- Book quote, it always proves true when things do not make sense to you. Check your premises. 3) "Look closer" - American beauty 1999? movie trailer I think. Things are not what they seem... 4) "A spoonful of Honey will catch more Flies than a gallon of vinger" Benjamin Franklin, but I love founding father's quotes Madison, Franklin, Jefferson etc. Just a goldmine of interesting thoughts so eloquently made.
  21. I am such a Pussy!!

    Definitely a dilemma, with balancing family and friends with a new career pathways and opportunities. But, it looks like you a staying for a now, and it is obvious you have a good head on your shoulders from how you write and convey yourself, so you will make it work out just fine either way. I find it helps to have a trusted family member to listen and hear you out and you think it through. I have to write it down benefits/advantages and let it fester for a while.
  22. I have dabbled a little, but truly curious and I am sure this has been discussed ad nauseam before, but for current people here, what is the reason for providers disappearing and gentleman no longer hobby. I suppose a survey would be more appropriate, but not too practical, what is the guesses in your experiences or friends you know? It no longer is fun? Expense? Risks? Find a relationship you are committed? Or is it simply too individualized to pigeon hole? In my experiences, with my sky high libido and desires, I am left with a somewhat unsatisfied feeling afterward, where the physical connection is there but I want more. Idk what are people's thoughts? Are you able to disconnect to the carnal aspects and just enjoy? Are you simple strictly business? Or does your heart ever flutter from inside for more? I guess it goes back to the other threads on the extracurricular activities paid vs unpaid time thread. Having a little bit of uncertainty and build seems important for some. My personality style is a 'hopeless romantic' and I seem to yearn for more. I always respect time commitments but perhaps, I am simply looking in the wrong spot.?
  23. Since I do not have to much frame of reference, when is a regular a regular? Every couple of months? Monthy? Weekly?
  24. Questions for you folks, what makes a regular a regular?

    Interesting, so really the "time commitment" is really irrelevant, it is what kind of connection the provider makes with clients. HUmmm