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  1. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    Interesting, I had not heard that one before. I will have to ask some of my friends, and my EX.
  2. chocolate, I never had it & I've been craving it!

    I find reading the original post rather offensive. Perhaps the big issues is you consider a woman as "Chocolate" (are other vanilla? Cinnamon? etc...). Maybe refer to her as a beautiful woman of African decent or perhaps even "Exotic" compared to your norm. But calling a Black woman "Chocolate" is probably not the best way to start.
  3. I am a bit late to this post, but some men have asked for discounts up to 50%? WOW!!!!! I feel a woman knows what her time and passion is worth, while a lot of men are, well men, and have no clue. The last woman I seen was well well worth the donation and was far above my expectations. She eased my nerves and was able to get me to open up and be myself. All I can say is you get what you pay for. If you want a lady to lower their rates by up to 50% then you are probably just looking for a quick hit and be gone type of person. I myself want to absorb myself into the experience so that I never forget it.
  4. Fake or no Fake?

    In many of our lives, we sometimes just need to get through things. So, with this in mind, how often does a provider fake having a Big O with a client? I would think that most clients can tell when the person they are with is enjoying themselves, but I am sure there are times that they are oblivious to things because they are only interested in getting themselves off. So with that, do many of the lovely ladies on here fake their way through it, or do they truly enjoy it 100% of the time (I say unlikely).
  5. Texting Mistake :(

    Well, depending on what the wording was, I personally think a woman with a hairy kitty that fucks is kind of hot! How escort to go into that, I will have to think longer on!!!
  6. Providers thoughts on men with facial hair

    A very interesting topic. For majority of the year, I have a very short, 2-3 day old beard. However, as I begin to train for endurance mountain bike races, I begin to grow my beard out long so that I am always seen as "That Guy" at the races. It had started to be my thing a few years ago. So with this experience, I always tell a new lady that I am seeing that I have a long beard. I try to keep it conditioned and soft so that it does not irritate anyone. the one thing that needs to be done after DATY is a good face washing and drying. We cant all be floating around the office with a sweet smell on our beards now, it will turn heads.....
  7. The Mountains, Resort Recommendations

    End of October, beginning on November you will be fine with your vehicle. There could be snow, but it will melt off the roads fast that time of year.
  8. The Mountains, Resort Recommendations

    Depending on the time of year, your charger is fine. If it is end of November and through the winter months, weather can change fast. that is when your charger might give you issues if you are not use to driving on slippery roads. As for "all inclusive" I do not know of any resorts here that offer that specifically.
  9. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    WOW, I know you and there is nothing about that statement that is true. If anything, you enjoy having your cake eaten to only turn around and go after the frosting.
  10. It's only Wednesday!!

    Welcome back Miss Love. I hope you are now returning with a nice tan. I am sure you have been missed by all.
  11. Almost my birthday!

    In less then 2 weeks, I will officially be 44. Still young at heart and mind and in good shape. What shall I do!!!
  12. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    "C" all the way. I want to see the natural beauty that emanates from you. That goes for pictures as well!
  13. Favorite position

    I like mish and deep. However what I seen last week form a certain someone doing reverse cow girl is something porn movies are made of!
  14. Favorite position

    Well had I only known about the car.......
  15. Favorite position

    What is your favorite position???? lets have fun and not talk about the virus!