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  1. 411 KayKay

    Well I tried, either she is completely out of it or just horrible at communication. I asked her what her screening process was and she responded with "guess I dont really got one idk what that means". Also each text is replied too is 12-24 hrs later and is usually one word responses. I keep responding to see where this goes but its not looking favorable. If anyone has had different results please let me know. ~J
  2. 411 KayKay

    KayKay 720-534-7396 Colorado Companion Can anyone provide feedback on this sexy lady? I dont have an EM account but it looks like she has two reviews. Nothing came back on image or phone search. LMK, thanks ~J https://www.eroticmonkey.ch/kaykay-escort-denver-992783 https://escortalligator.com.listcrawler.eu/post/escorts/usa/colorado/denver/83435645
  3. Heaven on Eros

    Age = Experience. One day young man you will see how foolish this post was. LOL
  4. Info on Christina Westbrook

    I noticed her the other day... here is a previous post from a few years ago. I was going to message her through 411. Ill let you know if I hear back ~J
  5. 411 on Gia Westbrooke

    Nope this is 100% her... She said she rebranded and moved here to CO from Texas, she does have a civi job so I think she was trying to go incognito. LOL. She did have the MM's done and they are magnificent. Feel free to PM me if you want. ~J
  6. 411 on Gia Westbrooke

    https://www.eros.com/colorado/files/6270456.htm?cat=1 Looks like she posted her eros again... go in confidence
  7. 411 on Gia Westbrooke

    100% real 1000% amazing She pulled her EROS add but email her. You won't regret it. meetgiawestbrooke@gmail.com She is also had a Twitter @GiaWestbrooke
  8. massage 411 on Zella Luxe

    couldn't find any glaring issues in searches so I reached out. she sounds legit and her rates seem on par with most FBSM she also says shes a trained dominatrix and she is in the process of setting up a tryst account. I will let you know if I move forward with seeing her. ~J
  9. Bait and switch maybe

    https://callescort.org/303-591-9794 https://escortalligator.com.listcrawler.eu/post/escorts/usa/colorado/denver/60123072 https://yolo.com.lcstg.com/post/escorts/usa/colorado/denver/59110266 https://www.nearescort.com/303-591-9794/ Here is what I found... if you are at all hesitant, then go with your gut
  10. 411 on Katen

    After the next time I see her I will ask if she even wants reviews. Like I said not a big fan of reviews and at the end of the day I’m only going to do them if/when I can assist a lady to expand her market. Otherwise you can just take our word for it. BTW I saw McKenna because I PM’d sit galaxy.
  11. New TOB lovely

    Sencee, Sorry I missed your tour here to our fine city, I hope that it was fun and profitable for you. Please don't think that the thoughts of a few on this board reflect that of the many gentlemen who look past review boards and do/don't lists and take the opportunity to meet you in person. I know I wish I had!!! GFE/ NON GFE who cares if you enjoy the person you are seeing. Hope you return again, god knows I will be watching for it. Safe Travels. ~J BTW guys why are you questioning the legitimacy of this young lady she has over 26 - 5 star reviews on PD? I thought the point on the 411 is to confirm whether or not anyone has see these ladies to make sure they are legit. Its not to attack their preferences! Whats next? Bash a girl because she has not tits or too her nose is too big or she is too skinny or too fat. Her preferences and yours have ZERO importance on her legitimacy. Just stop... WTF?!?!?!
  12. 411 on Katen

    Cant... Apparently I am too new and can not vouch for new providers. Plus I am not a big fan of the "review process" as I am not here to read someone fictitious escapades. Once the ladies start to review us publicly then I will just see these amazing women in private and send messages to other gentlemen who take the time to ask about them in PM. Met one of my ATF that way! Sorry not sorry ~J
  13. 411 on Katen

    She is legit and she is amazing... PM me if you want details.
  14. Naomi Smih 411

    Seems well established P411 member https://preferred411.com/Provider_Page_Client2.cfm?Cid=360221 3 positive reviews on TER https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/naomi---lucy-9092931962-359281 I would go in confidence.
  15. 411 on LovelyPetite

    Looks legit… OF gals can’t have any mention of their side hustle it will get them banned. Go be her first PD review. I have seen a few ladies from there. Go with your gut… if she starts to talk about specific acts and/or refers to her donation specifically in $$$ you should run. If she tells you like 500 roses for an hour she is legit. I saw her ad and would love for you to TOFTT… sexy AF. Let us know. -J