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  1. Ladies coming to the mountains this year?

    Are lots of clients in the mountains? Where is the need?
  2. issue with provider

    I agree with the blocking her and then maybe to email them and let them know you’re sorry for their situation but you had nothing to do with it. Today I unfortunately had a similar experience from a client. As you can all see my reviews have been excellent. They asked for a certain thing I provided it happily and then was nearly forced to engage in something very unsafe that is on 99% of people’s NO list and was sent messages that they were going to write me a bad review. I even offered to refund the session to go our separate ways and avoid each other and was called a liar and a cheat. I then reached out to a couple fellow providers to find out he asked them for his money back or multiple bad reviews would be coming their ways so I have blocked the individual. It’s too bad there isn’t a safe place to post these numbers and experiences so we can all stay safe and happy!
  3. Ladies Bad Client Warning!!

    Hello, ladies I have a very bad experience today with a client who threaten me, say he was going to punch me and write a bad review If I didn’t do a dress session. Can I report the individual to TOB?