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  1. What did the one lesbian frog say to the other lesbian frog...... DAMN!!! We really do taste like chicken.
  2. Hey Friends..I wanna Get Nosey :)

    Worked, worked and worked more....no rest or forced free time for us trucker drivers. Too many grocery stores, medical places and restaurants needed and still need their products and/or supplies delivered to their respected places for the masses. When I did get a day off I made sure to enjoy some company.
  3. Head scratchier

    As George Clinton would say.....Nothing but the dog in me baby!!!!
  4. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are in a doctor's office getting the results of their pregnancy tests. The brunette says " I'm having a boy because I was on bottom." The redhead says " I'm having a girl because I was as on top." The blonde starts to cry hard and says "I'm going to have puppies."
  5. It's been slow...

    COVID or no COVID, being a semi truck driver........well enough said.
  6. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    Learning languages(at one time I spoke 5 languages, not including English), volunteering at various organizations, driving my semi at my place of employment, shooting my various firearms.
  7. RIGHT!!!

    ......where art thou...hahahaha
  8. RIGHT!!!

    Did you hear about the guy that got his left side amputated? ? ? ? ? ? Don't worry he's all right now! BA DUM BUM TISHHH!!!
  9. Did you hear about the lady that back into a fan????? > Disaster! Dis...Assed...Her Stay cool folks!
  10. If the decision was yours...

    Not to add insult to injury but it doesn't matter to me either way. I'm getting overtime during this whole stay at home order and will still be getting overtime after this order is lifted. Truck Driver.
  11. Food for thought

    There was a joke about the BP oil spill aka Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010 that went something like: How do you stop the BP oil spill? Put a wedding ring around it and it will stop putting out. Oh damn, LOL!!!
  12. Scientists have invented/created a food that completely eliminates/kills a woman's sex drive. ? ? It's called a wedding cake. Maybe this was able to put a little smile on your face in these past few stay at home days.
  13. What about this feeling?

    Both versions are good. Thank you for the comments, greatly appreciated.