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  1. Hello!

  2. Hello!

    I love it
  3. Are you woogie ready RIGHT NOW

    I'm ready to cook woogie and cook some more
  4. What’s your favorite

    Eat drink and be merry
  5. Kissing, giving oral

    So, I enjoy kissing and I really enjoy going down.... How do you distinguish which ladies are cool with that...
  6. Quality vs Quantity

    I'm from Buffalo ny, and winter here is easy. Sunshine everyday
  7. Newbie question about hotels

    Act accordingly folks
  8. Newbie question about hotels

    There shouldn't be a problem with them meeting you at the lobby.
  9. Newbie question about hotels

    If your that worried get a room in that hotel.
  10. Quality vs Quantity

    Quality everytime. Except when it comes to asses. I need a bubble
  11. I like a good negative review

    Gotta have a few negs. No one is perfect