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  1. Any info on Breezie...???

    I've seen her. I wouldn't expect anything than a half hearted massage done on her couch. She implies that she will do other things in the initial conversation, but when you get there she tells you she is legit, even though she doesn't have a massage table, just a couch. She gave me some story about her ex and the studio she has somewhere else in town but can't use right now. As she massages you. all she does is tell you about her times as a stripper and how much she used to get tipped, followed by I expect a great tip from you for doing this. Which is basically her rubbing your back while she is naked which she advertised. At the end she tells you if you come back a few times, there might be more.
  2. Does anybody have any info on this young lady? I see she has posted in California too, but didn't find anything else. 719-663-0940 Jordan
  3. 411 help in COS please

    I like to err on the side of caution. Thanks for the advice.
  4. 411 help in COS please

    Yes, I've google image searched her pictures, that's how escortbust came up
  5. I'm trying to find out more about this young lady : I've done google image searches, only things that came up was escortbusts, so ignored those. Googled the number, nothing but a couple of other ads with matching photo's. Anything else I should be doing? Or does anyone know anything about her? Thanks in advance. 719-354-7382 cached Ad BP Colorado springs escorts Nov 21, 2015
  6. A 411 Puzzler Here in COS

    I also noticed that she has had three ads today, and each one has gone up in price for an hour. $100, $150 and now $200 hour.
  7. Luck with massage therapist?

    I've been lucky and had two licensed therapists give me extra's, neither offered though, I had to initiate. I also had to see them several times first, when I felt they were comfortable with me, I asked about getting a more sensual or light touch massage. Both were in the Springs too.
  8. My Fetish Dilemma

    Have you tried Fetlife? I know it is a social site for kinksters, but there are some Pro-Dommes on there. I'm more into the power exchange going the other way, but I have seen some ladies who look like they know what they are doing, advertising sessions.