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  1. New P411 ?

    Terrible and uncomfortable go use , hate it
  2. P411

    Nope, still not working:((
  3. P411

    Who knows what’s happened with P411?
  4. Delayed or not shows

    I can said only it’s absolutely non professional providers, maybe with out reviews too. Because provider more interested for dating.
  5. Delayed or not shows

    A lots of them, regular customers or Tob/p411 users
  6. Delayed or not shows

    .Exactly, and no matter it’s tob or it’s p411 member, or just regular. It’s not police for other men too.
  7. Delayed or not shows

    So so rude at this time , why 95% of man delayed or just book and not shows?! If you not respectful for provider, not respectful for others men , how’s you wanna receive a good service?!
  8. Miss Claire/Jessica/Pamela

    Thank you so much honey
  9. Miss Claire/Jessica/Pamela

    Hello dear sirs, I work independently. and for different advertising platforms I use different phone numbers, (some of my advertisements were created even before the ToB on this and another name)