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  1. late night or day time?

    Yes I dont know why everyone likes these early appointments!
  2. Hey guys I’m Amber! I’m new to TOB!

    Hey I am new as well:) how are you doing?
  3. World Series of POKER in Vegas

    Okay ya'll we need to get together because I have got to learn how to play poker. And I completely agree The Golden Knights 😍
  4. New to this?

    Hey thank you
  5. New to this?

    Is anyone in the Mojave desert? That's where I am based out of. I travel to Las Vegas often, but really can travel anywhere. I think it's kind of cool how this site let's everyone kind of get into contact:D
  6. New to Tob

    I'm new also
  7. New to this?

    I just got started on this site and am unsure of how it works. I am just introducing myself:)