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  1. Ivy 411

    Yes I also said what the heck one day and - against my knowing better (didn't take the time to search for reviews - so dumb!) - went and saw them. Very attractive, nice younger girls. Talk of generous clients and generous service. Talk. But no action. Stay away.
  2. Tara 720-340-1519 Colorado Body Rubs Another 411. Tara on BP body rubs - says she's a CMT (that's a big draw for me as I want a real massage). No reviews that I've found. Anybody seen her? Thanks again skimon __________________________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver body rubs July 11, 2016
  3. Jessica 720-316-1282 Colorado Body Rubs I've seen her ads on and off for months - never seen any reviews. She seems legit - bigger question is it just a lame rub n tug from a young cutie? Which isn't _bad_ don't get me wrong....just not a great....value. :-) Any intel? Thanks skimon _____________________________________cached Ad cached Ad BP Denver body rubs July 27, 2016
  4. 411 on Katie BP

    Hmm - I don't see it. I see one for Katie BP from 2014. Don't think that's her. And the other ones have different phone numbers. Maybe I'm missing something or being blind....
  5. 411 on Katie BP

    VERY curious myself. I google imaged a few pics (but not all of them) and nothing came up (on the web at least lol) - so that's good. So I'm guessing it's her- big question is does her service deliver? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller...
  6. BP Body Rub - no name

    Thanks again guys. I was pretty sure this one was fake - thanks for the confirmation.
  7. Monica BP

    Thanks guys....
  8. BP Body Rub - no name

    Sorry here's a link
  9. Another BP 411. I guess I'm in that kind of mood... Denver, CO She goes by Monica - Phone 216-367-5906 Did tineye on one pic - no matches.. Pics seem legit - phone pics -not pro... If anybody has any info - much appreciated - thanks
  10. BP Body Rub - no name

    This for Denver, CO - not sure if that's clear with the new TOB format/website..... thanks again
  11. Just curious if anybody has seen the girl from BP - advertises Shiatsua and Swedish - phone number 720-365-9468 No reviews here - and I did a tineye search and found pics on various yoga pants websites.... This all leads me to believe its NOT legit but through searching the number I came across the ad in several sites - one of which with an address in a nice neighborhood close to my work- which jibes with her ad... Anyway - if you've seen here please let me know - thanks.
  12. I ended up seeing her - very cute - great little body. Tight. Sketchy motel tho - But I see her ads are gone now so I guess it doesn't matter.....
  13. Not really a 411 - I know. But I really liked so many things about her (even if it wasn't' FS - not that I got anyway... I guess I put this post in this forum in case any of you who saw Epic knows of somebody else similar to her...... skimon
  14. Semantic issue with "thick"

    I find the use of "curvy" very annoying as it now means fat - err I mean BBW. What if a woman is truly curvy what does she say??
  15. Anybody seen her yet? VERY tempting......