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  1. Time Wasters

    My Wish list is for a provider to come over twice a week, spend the night making love until we're passed out, make me breakfast in the morning and then leave. I wouldn't have someone nagging me to get married. Sounds simple right? lol
  2. Pimps

    I"ve never understood why a provider would be interested in working with a pimp. I am open-minded and would like to understand what value, if any, they provide. All I see is someone taking your hard earned money away from you. Help please??
  3. I'm curious. Who likes the slutty look and who likes the classy sexy look? Which is more popular?
  4. Expectations

    Thank you Audrey. It's nice to hear other's thoughts. I'm somewhat new and still working my way through how things work.
  5. Expectations

    Point well taken. I'll start using reviews
  6. Expectations

    Is it unreasonable to expect a provider to put her phone down during our time? I recently had a situation where the provider continued to text clients during our appointment. I felt disrespected as I was paying for her time. I mentioned this to her and she got angry and told me I don't control her.