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  1. We need something fun/interesting for KC to draw peeps in considering this is more Colorado's board, they've been sweet to share w/us teeheee
  2. ECCIE coming back????

    I for one am excited,Chrissy I'm w/you on reviews I normally only use them and p411 and the reviews make a difference. Some good info here thank you all😎
  3. P411

    I believe new but we have the option to show that or not
  4. Recent text message-

  5. Recent text message-

    I try to be discreet as possible, I haven't put much of anything yet more than I like on my profiles & don't have a website. With everything going on & still learning this world it makes me nervous to post much.
  6. Hi also eccie refugee from KC.
  7. New Business Names

    About Time mentioned above it's general enough to cover anything.
  8. Ho hum days

    I'm trying to plan a trip to Colorado and would be happy to take a visitor or 2 while I'm there, no dates set yet but that can easily change
  9. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    Yes sir what was already repeated screen or p411 Lets not read between lines, lay it out
  10. yourdesire here Hi Frankie P. and everyone between.