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  1. Dogecoin

    Hey man I would not recommend the DogeCoin it doesnt provide any other value than just being a "coin", there is plenty of others coin that do the same thing. If you want to invest some money you should try bitcoin or some web 3.0 blockchain project like Elastos. Both are still really volatile and have low market cap which indicate price can go really high. However you should really understand this technology, most people are ignoring how decentralization will change the world. I have read some very important people in the IT world and they all agree is just matter of few years for regular people to adopt it. I personally think this will be similar to Internet boom in 1994 but only time will tell. just my 2 cents.
  2. HELLO!

    Hi guys Thanks for the warm welcome, for the record i do not look like Homer Simpson lol. Royfz
  3. HELLO!

    Hi guys! Im new on this site and im really happy to see Colorado forum to be active!! Im located in the southwest of denver and looking to make new regular friends!! Thanks Roy