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  1. On 1/13/2023 at 9:35 PM, Paul Pudenda said:

    My phone is off.

    How would the provider your going to see get in touch with you incase something happens ? , like housekeeping or issuer with her room or who knows what .( like give the wrong room number lol like it has happen lol ) done it myself :lol:


  2. On 6/20/2022 at 8:05 AM, Skg said:

    I would be more interested on how a women checks in at the hotel not to tip off staff. Hotel clerks are now being trained to watch for women being trafficked. How they check in might be important, not sure. 

    Well I go to the desk and give my ID & CC and go to my room lol OR with Digital check in, is the best no need to go to the front desk and more likely no one will know what you look like at check in.  :)

    I dress like I just got off my flight ...   Bags are matching and not hot pink or leopard lol witch I love 

    Look UTR ..  

     I can spot another provider if she way young just by who she  with or by how she dressed .


  3. Dinner dates are fun

    First it was the money and having sex with strange men , like you picked up at the bar.

    But down the road I learned , I really like sex with strangers lol  and meeting new men all age size race and just make friends 

    Learn new sex moves and I love looking at sexy cocks lol lol 

    I'm just being silly ,,,,


  4. On 12/12/2022 at 8:00 AM, Ms T DDD said:

    Deposits girl! I won't book ANY appointment without one! If you think they won't pay one.....think again! if they want to see you, they will give you the world! Take the advice of a mature provider who has been around for a long time and has been drug through the mud until I realized years ago that I deserve better! After I started requiring deposits, the quality of my clients have changed from average to absolutely outstanding! . The respect, kindness, generosity.  No more " oh sorry something came up" or " Uh I got called into work....sorry" or simply NCNS . I never worry again and it is wonderful!  PM me if you would like to know how I do it. 

    Taylor xoxo

     100% After I started requiring deposits, the quality of my clients have changed from average to absolutely outstanding!


  5. On 11/20/2022 at 10:42 PM, parkercole said:

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! I mean that TNA drools.......

    I just made it back from another dinner meet and greet in Seattle. This year there were 35 attendees. 2019 was the biggest crowd of 47. The people who put these events together vette the invitees. Participants have to have a footprint history with no alerts or drama! There is no riff raff or hanky panky allowed, or within reason;):lol:.  This year I didn't want to clean off my Ray Bans as two big boobed ladies did something really fun to me!!!

    This year was a 4 hour event hosted in a private indoor setting. Everyone was mostly in formal wardrobe. The ladies looked beautiful, and some wore some amazingly alluring and captivating dresses! The night starts off with hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and mingling before dinner is served. It is always nice to catch up with people, men and women, you know. Also, it's cool to put a face to the names with the guys who are active participants in conversations on TNA.  Mostly it's cool to meet the new ladies or the ones you fancy!

    I have met some really great people on TNA and I consider several of them friends. I appreciate the continued engagement and events that are put on by members on TNA. I've been attending these events for several years now. Hopefully they will continue for a while!


    I'm with you I've never had any thing go bad from TNA  love the Seattle Gent's Just as Much as TOB Denver Gent's

    Wish I had been around for that party ..


  6. On 8/30/2021 at 8:46 PM, Calisurfgirl said:

    So as a provider I have been on here since 2017 and whenever we ladies listing post (as I am sure many providers would agree) we get a plethora of calls or text messages. So today like any other day since some of us are on auto repost my listing goes up. What I find strange is that I have gotten four texts. Normally a provider if she is a reputable one can post once for two weeks and get numerous texts, as this has been the case until this week. Ladies or gentlemen what is going on. The vibe is strange. Can anyone else relate. 

    I was in Denver last week and only got 1 pm from TOB and when I told him I would be contacting his refes make sure he was a good guy he went MIA .. 


  7. If we feel safe you will be safe 

    Why would any Man want to see a Provider who does not screen ????????? why just to get your D**K sucked and how relaxed are you ?when you visit a NON SCREENING PROVIDER ????

    WE screen for OUR & YOUR SAFTEY ....

    Why I take deposit's keeps the BS of NO Shows Down And It's another way to screen  ..

    Not always guys will for fit a deposit just to mess with your time when they NS .

    Think how much it cost us to do this job to make you all happy that your NOT GETTING @ HOME ..  


  8. On 11/21/2022 at 6:47 AM, MeganMarie4u said:

    I don't really care that she uses old ass pics as much as I hate when someone asks for a "recent selfie" when I have one on my profile with the day before date.....

    Men can't or don't read dates lol  I get asked are you still in town , when I've been gone for a month 


  9. that's not a easy as it sounds ... being smart / I find it's the Uneducated New Be's who want in the hobby but have no clue how to go about it and play the games or the hobbyist who may do it once or twice a year . This trip to Denver was bunch of ass holes calling any jacking off on the phone,  I mean who does this any more ?) and just men who don't know how to talk to a provider at all ,like just saying dumb ass shit 

    Can they just say Hi Gina this is Tom calling I like to visit with you may I ask what kind of screening you need .

    No they just say some dumb ass crap and Think i'm/we  going to jump on it and have him come over with out knowing who he is 

    Denver sure not what it was last year .. 



  10. I agree .. and why share your refes with me if you think I'm not going to contact them ,this I don't get just today guy send me his refes and then get's butt hurt that I need to contact them to see if he's not a nut case ( he sent them before I asked for them ). 

    I get deposit for very appt so This helps the BS bookings ...   But I've notice Denver not like it used to be , over the years I've been coming here things have changed for sue , Maybe the Economy but how long will that be the excuse ?

    Outcalls for sure get a DEPOSIT !!!  Look up address make sure it's real do a Blacklist check on the guy .. 

    Some men get off just watching you trying to find his place ( like when you get crank calls )


  11. 14 hours ago, glassonion said:

    Just curious if others here have go to resources for girls in the valley. P411 is unusually thin and other sites (tryst, PD, Eros) seem overly spammy - any other suggestions I am not thinking of?

    There are a lot of good ladies on those site just need to do your home work / Man I miss My Red Book  for No Cal 


  12. 8 hours ago, Savoir Faire said:

    Ms Gina you are a smart woman. I can't tell you how many times I have been doing something and a provider has sent me a photo just to say HI and let me know that she's in town.........................All I can tell you is it makes me feel appreciated and when The Savior feels appreciated, a visit in person is definitely going to happen.................. 

    I don't send photos I feel I have 100's on my website and on TOB and every site out there .. But hey if you can get them go for it lol 

    I'm doing a new shoot DEC 2 


  13. 7 hours ago, Savoir Faire said:

    M&M sometimes I have seen the girls they are asking about but I refuse to give them information because HISTORY shows that you aren't going to pay her a visit anyways, so why even bother. Hopefully, they will post their reasons LOL or forever remain silent. I know of a few girls/women that have been using the same pics since FOREVER as well. I agree, nobody is going to look the same and thats from taking a pic a day or so later. I can safely say that for me,

    I love when a woman takes new pics, BEST DAMN MARKETING TOOL EVER in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.............

    I have to agree @BEST DAMN MARKETING TOOL EVER in my opinion , Why I do them about every 3 months or so 



  14. I get tested once a month and not stopping BBBJ's   

    I been at this a long time never gotten STD  

    Sucking on rubber is just wrong in my world .. 

    But if he ask I will,  going to cost you more lol    I know you all feel it's not cheating (Right? ) if it's CBJ lol