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  1. Ues a Credit Card and you get the deposit back after check out like in a day or so

    Debit Card can take 5- 7 working days no matter the type of hotel /motel

    I only stay at large chain hotels .. 

    Most large chain hotels are 50$ a night but I have paid 100 a night 



  2. On 12/6/2023 at 3:25 AM, wglide2003 said:

    After trying to utilize the new system, I am not at all satisfied. Will not renew my subscription.

    I told them the other day a lot a members are not coming back ,after I asked why the Stats page was gone.


  3. Trying getting your messages to load up ... very slowwwww

    and   your okays are out of date and to when you last gave or recived a okay  , dates are out of wack

    and I heard some guys have more okays then they did before ..:confused:


  4. On 11/23/2023 at 7:05 AM, dando.shaft said:

    Thanks for all the responses.   (And sorry for the lack of paragraphs it was fairly late at night when I wrote that!)  It's been more than a week since she's tried to contact me.  No further emails, no further Facebook messages (I can see 5 'hidden' ones but that count isn't going up), no mail at my PO Box.   I pray she gave up and found someone else.  I'm sorry she needs money but she's not my responsibility. 

    As for screening and cam models - one reason why I turned to that is the lack of options here, even expanding my horizons to a few hours away, was coming up empty.  Plus I know what the girl looks like if she's a cam model - a lot of providers don't show face pictures for privacy reasons and you just have to hope and pray the face is as nice as the figure....  While not on a top tier site, she was verified and had reviews on Escort Monkey.   And one mentioned experience...  from Google I have an online history of a year and a half of nearly daily posts on STG.... she definitely has the experience!  I've been burned too too many times (the worst by two civvy women) and I know when it's time to stop pulling the lever on the slot machine because the payout isn't going to come - when I see the pattern, I end it or ghost, which is what I tried to do here. 

    I moved away from Denver 4 years ago so TOB ladies unfortunately are not an option unless I fly one here to me.... which I DID use to do about 10 years ago when I lived in Denver with cam models .....I do have frequent flier miles I can use....  as others have pointed out in my other thread, it could be cheaper to go to Eastern Europe. 

    I've decided for now to do nothing.  If somehow she continues to threaten, I may let her know what I do know about her.   She will bring herself down as well if she tries to do that to me.  But as said before, desperate people do desperate things and make choices regardless of the potential consequences because they see it as their only way out. 

    I also see this as a sign from the Universe to just stop seeking companionship from sw and sugar babies and hopefully find someone in real life, as the Universe just seems to be cock-blocking me.  I am hoping the Golden Bachelor will have women more age appropriate for me to think about dating again, as I understand so so many don't and won't.  I pray the reason all this didn't work out with the sw and the 2 civvy women, pray she shows up soon! 

    And friends, if you ever go to Pittsburgh, don't see a 24 year old chubby white girl who is named Pebbles Marie, or Arielle. 

    I love =  frequent flier miles


  5. On 11/22/2023 at 2:08 PM, MelindaMadison said:

    Perhaps meet with legitimate escorts/companions instead vs delving in to the online cam girl and sugar baby genre. Most Professional escorts have written cancellation policies and written policies.m when you venture outside other genres of sweets, who don't specialize or have much experience with in-person clients, it can be the wild Wild West and you take your chances. 

    100% right 


  6. On 3/1/2020 at 10:07 AM, hornyoldtoad said:

    oh yes, one of the lessons you 'should' learn as a newbie that goes a long way - always ask ' may i put my hands on your head' when receiving....

    Just remember we have teeth ..  


    On 2/12/2020 at 10:50 PM, Bit Banger said:

    ^^ THIS! ^^
    I’ve had BJs that turn me off 😡



    Ladies, ever have somebody whose DATY technique made you wish they hadn’t bothered?

    YES Ladies, ever have somebody whose DATY technique made you wish they hadn’t bothered?  When they ask did you cum yet and it's been 0.1 min  and when you rdon't shave for 2 -3 days and the scurff hust so bad a a bald kitty 


  7. 1 hour ago, stevie-2249 said:

    Well if I’m paying for something I should get what I want, doesn’t have to be along time but one of many positions, end up in the position you like the most, pretty simple, 

    Nope nope  .. it's time your paying for ... we make the rules ... 


  8. 4 hours ago, Caressa Duval said:

    I would not speak for,  what ladies do and do not like.  There is not much that is "too much work for us". It is about what feels good to an individual woman. What gets her to achieve an "O".  There are countless positions that women prefer.  It also depends on the day, sometimes a provider wants to change it up a bit just for her own pleasure. Top position is a great work out for the quads, one less thing I have to do at the gym :)  Plus, I am in control of the pace I need for an "O".

    It is better to not assume, why a provider doesn't like to not be on top. This is something that can be chatted about during foreplay. Not prior to session for obvious reasons.

    If anything... I see guys getting worn out/winded when they are on top,  all the time ;)

    100% If anything... I see guys getting worn out/winded when they are on top,  all the time


  9. Assistant is just that = helping with screening and booking Only " and can be a safety buddy as to  know who the providers is with and likely they are not around the same area or even in the same city .. lot of assistant's are in other states , 

    Not haggling around  or hiding in the bathroom or taking money from the provider . 


  10. I always say this .. See what kind of foot print they have online with ph number email or  Google Image & Number email Name 

    Not being the same person can happen on any site as we all know ..