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  1. TNA Hacked??

    I did hear they got hacked .But I've not received any emails about it I went on Seattle ECCIE -- and posted about it and got back it been hacked , Now I don't know any more info that that . I saw some talk about it regarding how they were trying to roll back to the June 12 backup but have been unsuccessful. This should all be fairly trivial from a technical standpoint so given that they're still down tells me that perhaps they were seriously hacked.
  2. Ad Board in Austin TX?

    There is a new site that just open up for TX ..need to have refes to get on this site has free ads and can read reviews it's very new and just getting going . No I don't have any thing to do with it .. I did join
  3. TOB vs. TNA - the men & the admins.

    I do well in Bellevue and to me Bellevue is better then Seattle area TNA has been down for a few days now . Wow LS sorry to here the trouble you are having on TNA .
  4. Heads Up Ladies! Hotels July 4th Week

    This is why I don't do Holladay's ... I just stay home .... Orange County next week is super high as well My reg spot is over 250 a night so I had to bump down to a 3 start hotel
  5. Ray Liotta RIP

    So sad I have always like him and his acting ... R.I.P Ray
  6. Best DATY in Colorado

    Just don't say your the best at DATY or I've been told i'm best a Daty to a provider LOL
  7. Best DATY in Colorado

    What make me love DATY is the gent has to have shaved face day of Daty ... Scuff hurts my shaved kitty !!!
  8. Best DATY in Colorado

    More of who is the best gent at it ???????
  9. What is YOUR KINK?

    I love cock's all I have as my kink ...
  10. Durex Condom XXL Longer & Wider Natural Latex Condoms, Extra Wide Fit, Guys are loving this condom I feel way better then the FC easy to use and the feeling is just as good or better .
  11. P411

    I got pm's today and appt request ..
  12. When is it better to visit Colorado July or Aug?

    Summer is nice time to visit ,but you never know when the weather will change lol One day sunny next day snow
  13. Vintage

    This is what I do ... take the stockings before you put the garter on & hook the back stockings to the back hooks , do both legs at the same time. then but the garter in front of you , front side ,then slip in the garter & stockings one at a time on each leg down to toes and then pull them up with garter & stocking then do the other hooks in front . Bam have them on ..
  14. Is Eros just as good as theotherboard?

    1. Is Eros more discreet= may be from some guys and good for traveling guys 2 .You get enough business on Eros to make the investment worth it? = Yes and all about how you market yourself on any site !
  15. Ladies Beware

    they do ,but only one I want is if he's retired lol
  16. Tell me about money

    lol Trump would be installed back in office.... any one who believed this is dumb as a bed of rocks
  17. Where's the bush?

    My bush as been growing for a month , but in a few days I'll pluck every stim off the bottom half , she needs a little shade left
  18. For The Plus Size Gent Try This Condom

    For sure lol ..
  19. Who brings up round two?

    able and willing ..
  20. For The Plus Size Gent Try This Condom

    I will not use condoms that a gent may bring , why I keep every size and never run out of them, after all it's are job to keep supplies we need to provide the best over all experience for our clints !!
  21. Is Eros just as good as theotherboard?

    100% agree
  22. Is Eros just as good as theotherboard?

    Worth it to me , can post your rates ( can't do this here ) and a lot of guy's who don't what to be on a board like TOB or TER or Twitter or any review board will go to EROS as it's all over the US .. There are pros & cons on every site .. I do feel EROS puts up fake ads to fill in the site space. So may be a scam .
  23. Summer love of 1968

    Oh to go back to when we all where so young and know what we do today . What a sweet sweet summer of love
  24. For The Plus Size Gent Try This Condom

    So ladies have you tried them yet or Gent's ? If you have please report back