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  1. I Wonder If This Is a Good Thing

    No I think vicious is appropriate, though honest is just as right. For the wimping out thing, sometimes meeting someone off BP was dangerous, once I even had a gun pulled on me. If I showed up for a meet and didn't like the situation I'd bail, I think that's fair. As for thinking all the girls are "pimped out self-medicating ho-s", that's not what I think, but it was my experience at times, though not always. BP was fun, but it was also super sketchy, and the only experience I've had with this sort of thing. I'm gonna miss it, but I also think it's good in some ways that it's gone.
  2. I Wonder If This Is a Good Thing

    Oh you guys are vicious
  3. I was a casual BP guy for a few years, and I think it's a good thing for me and some of the providers I saw that it shut down. A lot of the providers I had contact with have just stopped seeing clients, and I wonder if they're just moving on with their lives. Some of them seemed pretty strung out, and I hope this change shook them up enough to try a straighten their lives out. Me on the other hand...maybe it'll help me stop being so compulsive. I never planned, never researched, I just sent out texts and hooked up with whoever was available, though I often wimped out. When I did go through with it sometimes it was great, but sometimes it was REALLY bad. I still have a few connections, but I don't know what I'm gonna do when they move on. I have no references, no p411, and tend only to want to see someone on impulse. Ah well, hopefully I'll figure things out. Cheers