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  1. Sacramento Love

    If you search for listings, select profiles only, at least you’ll see who is in here
  2. I'm new here and came from NS. I see there are no listings anymore. Is there anyway to see the providers info here anymore? I see reviews are still showing up. Is there info anywhere on what direction this site is going? Any insight would be appreciated. - Zep
  3. Sacramento Love

    Looks like this site has taken down their listings .
  4. Sacramento Love

    The key to getting this site to work for the ladies and the guys in Sacramento is to spread the word. This site seems easy to use and if the ladies include “sacramento” in their ads. We can search and find all our lovely companions. Welcome to the early birds. Now let’s grow!!
  5. Sacramento Love

    Im surprised with so few sites left that more aren't moving over here. Guess we all need to get the word out. Seems easy to use.
  6. Figure us Sacramento people need a forum to call home. Anyone who works or plays in Sac, Here is a nice spot to post and tell us all how things are going. I know so many are worried and scared right now. Hopefully stuff settles down soon.
  7. NS refugees

    Hey! Zep here. Former GLH and NS vip. Looks like this place has some potential. What a crazy mixed up world we live in.