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  1. 411 on Emmeline Positano

    Curious if anyone ever saw her? Looks like she took down reviews on TER. I was thinking of booking her next weekend, but no reviews to know if she is real and services she provides?
  2. This lady is a ROB

    Yes, rip off bitch…..was used on night shift a lot to describe this type of behavior. She scammed a lot of people! PD has 5 reports of her scams. Looks like she has now disappeared.
  3. Selene Devi Colorado Companion Hello….this lady is posting ads on several sites…..she just took money from me, so thought I would let everyone know she is a ROB https://privatedelights.ch/USA/Georgia/Atlanta/SeleneDevi https://tryst.link/escort/selenedevi PM me if you want details/proof…..will be happy to share….but stay away, she will never show up!
  4. Valleyscott

    Hey everyone. Just a note to read valleyscott. Many of you remember valleyscott ( always a gentleman) for nightshift.... Lots of great insghts, and very well written articles!
  5. east bay love

    Looks like we have a few east bay peeps.....we need more!
  6. I remember seeing Summerlyn’s ads on NS!! Wow.... you had some great pics!!
  7. NS refugees

    Looks like we are getting more and more of the nightshif5 crowd here, and on switter.at. If you need to find us on switter, search the hashtags #ns and #nsvp to find us. Glad to see more of us showing up here as well!
  8. NS refugees

    Aggggggrrrrrgggg.....all the ads are pulled now! Ok, @ledbetter is where yiu will find me, i guess 😀. Damn, i hate it....we need a “ one stop shop” for forums, ads, converstaions,etc.....i miss my Nightshift!
  9. NS refugees

    Zep.... what Is GLH?
  10. Sacramento Love

    I am an east bay guy, but have been known to go to the Sacramento area at times..... it is not far away from Walnut Creek, and there are some beautiful ladies in Sac! I think I am joining east bay and Sac threads, Zep! 😀
  11. NS refugees

    Looks like we are seeing more and more of the NS crowd come over! Glad to see everyone!
  12. Ok, if I had to name my ATF for the east bay, hands down it is Viiolett Parr. She is really down to earth, and laid back. She is a bit quiet and reserved, at times, but still, just great. Second would be Daizy Duke. Not as reserved, and not as quiet.....but certinally not annoying. But, I keep thinking about Bethany Bell.....anyone have any experience with Bethany? We have texted some, and she seems either cool as hell, or crazy...both sound intriguing to me. Ok....east bay, SF, Sac.....who is your ATF right now, why, and are you willing to share info??? Curious minds want to know! ( and, maybe this will help jumpstart some more traffic on the forums)😀
  13. ok now what

    Yep, the forums still seem dead.....not a lot of information sharing right now. To be honest, I am not sure exactly what information can be shared here....think I will start a topic, and see exactly what info can be shared 😇