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  1. Despite how you present it, as a customer I paid for a service with a company that gave no notice that it was going to be shut down. As a business they could have easily sent an official notice that they were going to pull the plug and that all members should collect contact info before the site shut down. They could have also included that all paid memberships would be honored when the site became active again. Bottom line is it's bad business practice. Personally I don't think the site will be active again or they definitely would have explained the situation or at the very least post a notice like TER :
  2. Yeah that's a bit better than what I was saying. However the picture option doesn't work for the list and it's still not SW ads, just brings up a list of names that link to their profiles. You have to click each one to hopefully view any pic's and see if you like them. It does show their body stats and contact info so that's a plus.
  3. I hear you, guess you can always surf profiles of forum posters and check their reviews, I know it's a lot of work and a half arsed way to make contact. Anyway, it seems any replies I post here are subject to approval first before they can be seen.
  4. Yeah, like Tom Petty's song, The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.
  5. Yeah, another NS VIP refugee here. I thought it was a low play they did, just pulled the plug with no heads up about it. Course there's the issue of money previously paid for VIP membership, if NS does come back online I hope they honor the paid membership time.
  6. NS refugees

    Getmo here, another refugee from NS. I was a VIIP member there for a few years, had 1/2 dozen verified reviews, active on the forums and dare I say it, even more so with my 'Favorites' list. Unfortunately NS pulled their plug just as I started to copy the contact info. Basically I joined this site on March 27 right after NS went down. Yeah, it's not just California. No listings available here for any state. I started checking profiles and reviews for contact info, added some to 'Fav' list but that's a lot of work. Obviously all these sites are dropping dead real fast. Seems B.B. Kings song 'The Thrill Is Gone' is definitely fitting for this situation. Anyway, I hear switter calling my name.