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  1. Ghosting

    I had a experience like this several years ago. My phone died on a Saturday evening and although I went to the cell place on Sunday afternoon, they couldn't do anything till Monday. I had insurance on the thing, so they sent me a new one, which arrived on Wednesday. Once I got it up and running, I already had not so pretty messages from people who I thought were friends. When I explained what had happened, they were all like "Oh Sorry, I thought you were totally ignoring me on purpose" Yeah, ok!!! This was several years ago, so I can imagine it has only gotten worse! Instant acknowledgement or they are pissed!!
  2. Kid chores

    Cleaning the chicken coup. I would rather do anything than that!!
  3. In my new position at the company, I will be traveling quite a lot. My question to the ladies and gents is just this...…. Are there things about what kind of motel, maybe the location, or what have you, that make you choose a certain one. I guess a better way to put it, would be, what makes you feel safer at one over another??
  4. Favorite Little Johnny joke!

    The teacher asked the class to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Julie raised her hand and said, We went to my Uncles farm and the animals fascinated us. The teacher said, that's great but I wanted the word fascinate. Robby was next and stated, Our family went to the space museum and it was fascinating. Once again the teacher expressed she wanted the word fascinate. No one else was raising their hand except little Johnny in the back of the room. The teacher was weary of little Johnny as she had been burnt before. Finally she decided he couldn't possibly embarrass her with the word fascinate, so she called on him. Johnny stood up and said, I have a aunt who has a bright red blouse with 10 buttons. But her tits are so big she can only fascinate!!!
  5. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Happy belated birthday!!
  6. Cutting The Cord!!!

    I not only cut the cord with cable and satellite, I got rid of my tv four years ago. I play on the computer some and have once again found the enjoyment of reading a good book! I seriously don't miss any of it.
  7. Script or no Script?

    I do like to know what turns the lady on, because if she is turned on, that in turn, turns me on! Maybe a few too many turns, I think I am getting dizzy! LOL
  8. What are you grateful for?

    My health, My Kids, My Job, The country I live in, and of course....the ladies.
  9. What are your thoughts going i

    Always nervous and excited at the same time! ……... When I need a dentist, I pick a pro. When I need a mechanic, I pick a pro. So for my very first time over 10 years ago, I picked a well established lady in FTC. I called, gave her the info she wanted, and told her it was my first time. She checked me out, said yes and not to worry about the length of the session. I got there, she gave me iced tea, lightly rubbed my back as we chatted for a good 20 minutes or more. Totally relaxed me and the session was awesome! I visited her many times after that until she moved away. She absolutely was a great lady in every aspect and definitely a pro!
  10. Not good enough????

    While attending a school reunion last summer, I bumped into a classmate, that I thought was hot in school. (She still is!!) During our conversation, she said she always thought I was cute and asked me why I never asked her out? I was shocked!! At the time, I thought I would never get a second look from her and she was way out of my class! Turned out it was probably a good thing as she told me, she was on marriage number five!...……………. Does make a guy wonder though??………...For sure in my next life, I am going for it!!! LOL.
  11. Breakfast with my best friend of 50 years. Hardly have ever missed one.
  12. What's the oddest place you've done it???

    In a gondola when it broke down, hard to keep rhythm in that swinging thing!!!
  13. How do you motivate yourself?

    Retirement is my motivation! I have seen so many struggle and can hardly make it in their senior years. I want a nest egg, so I can lay by the pool, travel, or just do nothing without worrying about paying my utilities!
  14. Lipstick or no lipstick? Hair up or down?

    My hair is definitely short and thin, when I wear lip stick, it definitely turns heads...……...Oh, Oh, you meant the ladies!! Ha Ha Ha ha ! Sorry all, I couldn't resist, just my warped sense of humor!
  15. What's your fantasy?

    That the very good looking mature lady renting from me decides she is going back to men and I just happen to be at the door to collect the rent...….maybe!