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  1. Hey there my Las Vegas people
  2. Nice areas in Denver

    So I was just recently in Denver my first time, didn’t know about this site or really where to go. The city was beautiful and the people were nice. Basically I’m just trying to get some information on what to do out there? Sights to see? Areas to stay in that are nice/clean? I’m contemplating coming back, [Snip}. Hope to hear from a few of you and get some good ideas on what to do out there. Thanks loves Chanel Luvv
  3. Hello Salt Lake

    My first time here in this beautiful city. Hope someone can show me around
  4. visting St George Utah

    I live in Vegas, but I do travel to St George/Mesquite 1/2 times a month. The providers are very scarce out there so I try to make my trips. I’m currently in Salt Lake but may make a stop at St george. Message me sometime and I’ll make the trip for you babe