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  1. Hey there my Las Vegas people
  2. BackPage SEIZED

    There’s still plenty of sites, but those of us workers who actually know more than the internet won’t be affected. What’s wrong with going to a casino? A bar? Good ole fashion Face to face interactions? Lol that’s how it was and always will be before and after the Internet. I look at the good and bad on both ends. And the good is a lot of women aren’t actually working women, just students trying to eat off of a business they don’t fully know. And that’s where a lot of the bad events can happen, when you’re not fully educated in a business that you’re apart of. This should HELP the market alot, too many girls charging 40-80 on the net, like when did the value of women become so damn cheap? Like, do men think us women do this for our next meal or to actually help get us out of this lifestyle? The internet won’t die either, but being shut down for awhile I feel is a good thing. Get those working women back to their jobs and families, and leave the escorting to the real escorts 😘 oh and hey happy camper, thanks for flaking when I made it to Denver a few months back lol 😂
  3. Nice areas in Denver

    So I was just recently in Denver my first time, didn’t know about this site or really where to go. The city was beautiful and the people were nice. Basically I’m just trying to get some information on what to do out there? Sights to see? Areas to stay in that are nice/clean? I’m contemplating coming back, [Snip}. Hope to hear from a few of you and get some good ideas on what to do out there. Thanks loves Chanel Luvv
  4. Hello Salt Lake

    My first time here in this beautiful city. Hope someone can show me around