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  1. Have we considered ...

    I've always found reviews utterly idiotic, since they don't account for THE most important variable...who the reviewer is. Nothing else so drastically affects the appointment, yet it's left off as though it's unimportant. What a bunch of silliness.
  2. looking a gift horse in the mouth

    Things like haircut, teeth, clothing, manner of eating/speech...all that definitely shows whether or not a man is truly wealthy/well-bred. And those things are pretty tough to fake. A guy can rent a fancy car, stay for a night in a great hotel or rent a mansion...but faking a comfortably upper-class status isn't easy. Same thing with escorts--those who are truly high-class have all sorts of giveaways. And a great smile,'s almost always part of that elite appearance. Because, in America, teeth are so very important, no one who can afford to have a great smile would be insane enough to not spend what it takes to keep up a healthy and attractive mouth. To leave that looking rough, if one wasn't given fortunate genetics or isn't currently young enough to still have a great set of chompers, would be a silly way to make oneself less appealing to those in one's social circles. So yes. Rich guys look and act rich. And never have bad teeth (or bad anything else, physically or manners-wise). xoxo, Amy Taylor
  3. Amy Taylor

    This thread is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. And to the man who wants to bother me to a public meet, you're wasting your time. It will never happen. xoxo, Amy Taylor
  4. Hi everyone!

    So nice to be here; I look forward to getting to know all of you. xoxo, Amy Taylor [snip}