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  1. Skip the games site?

    After being ripped off twice on that site I stay away
  2. Sounds like the one I went to. It was a house, was told not to knock and to message when I was at front door. Took a minute for them to answer so felt a little awkward standing outside waiting. When I got inside I was net by an older asian woman and was told to go upstairs and hand a right to the bedroom. There was a cute girl in there waiting for me when I arrived. The room was pretty bare, just a bed and nightstand. It was a get in, get out kinda situation. The girl barely spoke any english. After I left I had this feeling that those girls probably tricked into being there and had nowhere else to go, because if that I won't return.
  3. Maddie

    Maddie 720-486-2035 Colorado Companion If anybody has any info on this provider it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Colorado Companion Anybody seem her?
  5. Sierra

    Sierra 925-239-7224 Colorado Companion Anybody have any info?
  6. Sierra

    Well, I got taken. Took my deposit and went silent. Lesson learned
  7. Sierra

    I got that also, but there are a lot of different numbers being used.b
  8. 411 missmya

    Sent a message, still waiting on a response
  9. Fabulouz

    Fabulouz 303-569-8402 Colorado Companion Any info on fabulous? (303) 569-8402
  10. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    She has now changed her name to Lily on EROS, still uses the Tegan website though.
  11. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    I've contacted Tegan, she was way out of my price range. I also noticed that Lily had the same pics with a different number, my guess is that like stole teagans pictures.
  12. CarlywithaC

    CarlywithaC 720-791-1052 Colorado Companion Looking for the 411 on CarlywithaC in Denver (720) 791-1052
  13. CarlywithaC

    I didn't add that pic and I have no clue where it came from? Never seen it until now
  14. Show Me Your City ! x3

  15. New to Denver - Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome to denver
  16. Alanna/Tasty Tamara: Same provider - Fake

    She's real, but her pictures are not accurate. She actually has a buzz cut, but says she wears wigs and weaves. Upsells when you get there.
  17. Hazel

    I've tried to book with her, but have gotten no replies