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  1. tob milk crate challenge... first thing came to mind was milk jugs, eh, eh? Now there's a challenge I'd be up for. But the climbing up a bunch of crates is just asking for trouble... no thanks. I really hope it ends quickly, otherwise many people will get hurt.
  2. It was bound to happen... anytime sites get huge or want to become mainstream, it draws attention from the wrong people (in this case news media), and sadly some things have to get curbed. I also understand there was concern about underage/non-consensual content... fine regulate and report that, but not a blanket ban on all explicit content. I learned about it from a couple girls who are moving/shadowing content to another site, getting ready for the hammer. Can't see self-produced porn in peace anymore, sheesh!
  3. Squirting

    I used to enjoy squirts... on the chest, in my face, in the mouth, you name it... but I rather think I'm over it: 1. it can become an albatross (once she squirts, you both feel obligated to make it happen in subsequent encounters). It shouldn't be this way - and it's not the ladies' fault - but just like cumming: if you focus on it it won't happen. 2. I've had squirters ruin books (my fault banging her on a desk); get my place all musty (after she squirts all hard on the carpet or the couch); and it sucks to have to change the sheets when I just wanna go to cuddle and sleep. I used to be OK with placing towels everywhere, but now now I'm like: "oh you're a squirter, right... let's not have any of that please... I'd rather my sheets remain dry thanks". What a dick, I know, but I fear I'm just becoming a crotchety old punter. 3. We almost got electrocuted once. Lesson learned: never use a wired electric shaver as a make-shift vibrator, especially if she's gonna be putting fluid all over that. I just wanted to whine a bit
  4. Memorial Day weekend

    On a recent trip to NYC, I stopped by Battery Park (named after the battery of cannons that protected New York Harbor), and was quite humbled by the thousands of names engraved in the memorial monoliths who perished for our sake. It makes you realize how silly we are in the present generation to get upset about being cut off in traffic or somesuch triviality. With everlasting appreciation to our fallen, and to those who serve on our behalf.
  5. I just had a review rejected. The note said: "Please resubmit the review with more details in the experience field..." This post is not an attempt to complain about administration or policy, but rather to raise a voice in favour of discretion in our activities. I had written in rather vague terms about my experience; about the hospitality of my hostess; how it was not rushed, and altogether very pleasant. I'd imagine that most gentlemen would understand what that meant, without the need for details, especially all those acronyms folks like to bandy about. If more details are desired, I feel that's the place for a more private exchange between interested parties (as I have had in the past). The short period earlier this year when the details field was disabled was a step in the right direction, in my opinion, and I would hope to caution ladies to be more circumspect in their ads. My underlying apprehension is that with explicit ads and explicit reviews, it's becoming awful hard to make any attempt at plausible deniability, and that we're giving certain people all the information needed to shut this site down. I have heard tell that tob is getting attention; the kind we'd like to avoid. CL and BP started out vaguely enough... Perhaps I'm reading things wrong, but I really don't feel comfortable "giving up the juicy details" - not just for my sake or safety - but because I really believe it would be better for tob. I'd like to read what others feel about this issue.
  6. ExoticBella (513)435-5004 Colorado Companion Not 100% sure, but we might need some more investigation on this member (who joined around 10:30pm 11/10/18). I've seen these pictures before on another member, but can't find those now. If she's legit, she's legit, but just a heads up. Number on profile: (513) 435-5004, number on recent listing details 310-596-3433 Grabbed images from
  7. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    I think gentlemen should be gentlemen, in every sense of the word. If you have researched a lady and she's posted information that doesn't include qv or hh... it's no mistake, so don't bring it up. In the absence of information, then yes you can ask. That said, I don't remember ever negotiating in this hobby, and can't really bring myself to do so... In many ways you get what you pay for, and "haggling" just makes it a worse experience for all involved, especially during the appointment. Of course there are exceptions, but that's how I feel. If you do get a quote that's above your desired budget, well... does one haggle at a fine restaurant, or choose items from the menu more aligned with one's pocket? If a lady's time is more than I can afford, I'll thank her and leave it at that. If the information is posted, I don't even waste our time by calling, there's no point. If I agree that her time is worth it, I save up. That's what we do with Ferrarri or Fendi.
  8. Knowing her real name

    I think we should all remember that we're actors in the movie of hobbying and keep to our script-given names... no good comes from attempting to mix the two... if her RW info does ever get exposed and you know it, sure it's helpful to inform her so she can pull those loose ends together, then it behooves you to forget it. I've never felt comfortable asking for - nor using, if it inadvertently came out - her real name. That's just not on.
  9. HW habit or sport?..

    This is so on point... addiction basically takes over you in a way that impairs your ability to function in life (whether it's white powder, distilled grains, or petal-rimmed apertures), and the list above shows you how to gauge it. Another good point: make it a budget item during your sober moments, just as you would any other expense. I think it's just as responsible in the same way you'd have a budget for other forms of recreation (eating out, sports, fun travel) If you find yourself consistently breaking the budget on this line item, well, you've learned that you're on your way to an addiction.
  10. Um, really? Is this a thing?!

    I miss my convertible... all the space you need (when opened on a warm summer night) for getting frisky on mountain roads and parks. Not so limber or carefree these days, so I guess car dates are out for me.
  11. Are you an Explorer or Home bird?

    I'm a home bird, for sure: I feel there's a lot to be said for revisiting and building a deeper connection with the same person... because ultimately, it's how we're wired. The hunt and exploration does have its charms, but there is a deeper satisfaction - both emotionally and physiologically - that comes with being with 1, 2, 3 favorites. I mean, there's a reason you have favorites in the first place, and repeated visits amplify that positive feedback. Of course, like in real-life, these things do go in cycles: you'll enter an exploratory phase; then find yourself in a consolidation phase; then back in exploratory for one reason or another - it's the human condition and I blame our genes :-)
  12. How long do you wait before moving on

    Going meta (as in I won't suggest time frames for moving on, but I'll propose you don't even need a time frame) I mean, it's just like setting up dates in the real-world... there are many factors that affect how soon a response might come (working, providing, sleeping, studying, partying, ignoring you, swimming, arguing, etc)... I think the best thing is just to have several people you really want to see lined up, and go with your first responder. Like BadBoy says, practice the Golden Rule: keep to your appointment even if you do "get a better deal", and inform the other party you've made other plans. Just keeping your options open (as opposed to oneitis) frees you from even worrying about how soon she responds, or if you later get cancelled (just like in real life). You may still want to meet someday, so I guess the answer is "you never really move on, just go with the flow, and ping sporadically"
  13. Would you be offended

    I sure wish a recent provider had opted for the "closed" sign... I really couldn't finish the job and wished someone made fresh mints to plug up my nostrils... But no, won't be offended if asked to freshen up... I usually ask to wash my hands to indicate to her that I'm considering tickling her sensitive bits, and that les mains would be free of germs.
  14. I hear what you're saying, but I hope you're not saying that because you're bringing cash upfront, you ignore the fact that she's a real person with feelings, who's currently spending some time with you. You've paid for her time, and yes, when the chemistry is good - it's REALLY good... but if something's off, just roll with it. An analogy that just came to mind (forgive me if it's silly, but): imagine you paid good money to see a game with your fav team. Most times the game is awesome, with good plays and great individual standouts, and to cap it off your team wins. But sometimes your team's having an off day/season, but you roll with it anyway cuz you're just out having fun, no matter what the outcome. Yes, there are limits to how much bullshit one can/should take, but what the OP was talking about basically boiled down to not establishing enough comfort (in my opinion). If you treat your provider like an automaton, don't be surprised to get treated like a disembodied prick (pun intended). And my point was, sometimes not everybody is on their A-game, so try to understand it from that perspective. About paying, I don't get why people trot this out: paying to avoid bullshit. See, dates and going to the bar to meet chicks costs money and time... even street game takes time, effort, and opportunity cost (you could be billing for a client) so you're paying anyway. It's been well established that providers are much cheaper in the long run, per shot fired. So in summary: you pay either way, but it's still up to you to establish rapport, provider or not.
  15. So there are three things going on here: 1). not speaking up for yourself for fear of starting an argument; 2). providers that signal they're done with you; 3). what to do when given bad treatment. I think all the above can be resolved easily with respect and a bit of understanding. I'm not implying you're being rude or unreasonably demanding; I'm just describing what has worked really well for me. Basically I approach dates with a provider like I would with a civilian - anything can happen, conversation/comfort building goes a long way, and it's two human beings getting to know each other; I'll respect her decisions whatever they are, afterall there are many many factors at play, some of them having to do with me, and many of them not under my control. All that said, you will encounter girls that shit-test you before sex; push you off ASAP afterwards; those that get up and get dressed right away; those who will cancel dates even after you've arrived at the location; those you don't vibe with; those who (to you) provided bad service; and yes, those who would seek to scam/con/steal, and so on. All the above and more has happened to me. Shrug it off, laugh it off, learn from it, keep your wits about you, review appropriately if needed (try to remain objective... if you sit and think about it, you'll find often the problem was you and not her), and keep on having fun in life. I'll share something that happened recently: I'd met a pair of strippers and we planned to have a 3-person date. Following week, everything's set up, and I call to say I'm headed their way. All's good and I'm grinning. Eventually get to their place after a 30-minute drive. Called and called and called both phones, no answer. Did I want to rail and feel like a fool? Sure, but I kept telling myself to calm down, it's not a big deal, and it's a story to tell. Eventually just went home and had a beer. Called a buddy of mine just to share my experience, who was all like: "I'd never let them disrespect me like that... I'd have chewed them out.", but I know nothing comes out of being angry in this manner. Next morning, I just casually sent a text: "heh, I guess you guys must have been really tired... let's try again sometime?" and left out all the bits about me arriving and calling and all other negative info (I didn't make them feel bad, but they ended up bringing it up and being very apologetic). We did meet after a bit of re-scheduling, the rendezvous I wanted happened, and they're my favorite pair of girlfriends to date. Providers or not, you just roll with the punches. I guess what I'm saying is, avoid arguments yes - but not from a position of scarcity/weakness that leaves you feeling resentful - but from a point of plenty and being carefree.
  16. BYOK - Bring Your Own Kit

    I usually come along with my own condoms for that same reason (size and sensation), but sometimes encounter resistance from providers (mostly outside US) who want to use theirs for fear (e.g. tales about guys puncturing condoms). I always defer and use hers but would like to know how one can reassure without seeming suspicious or being a dick. Bring it up earlier in the convo and laugh about it? Almost always use soap and water, but like the idea of wipes for those "in the car" or "in the park" moments...
  17. This. As you can see, to shave or not is a fashion trend - and like most trends - goes in cycles at different times in different cultures/countries (Egyptians and Greeks shaved; as did many in the Middle Ages to keep lice at bay). I've heard multiple reasons, from Asians and Occidentals alike: - don't want to stand out at the public baths (onsen) - shaved pubes are a form of fetishism. - pubic hair is considered a sign of fertility and sexual health, so the more, the merrier. I've heard tell of some ladies in Korea who undergo pubic hair transplants/additions. - nylon shortages during the War -> women bare legged -> more shaving - bikini -> more shaving - razor sales skyrocket when you convince a whole generation of women to shave, so mold their minds (and those of the men) to think shaving is preferred. So perhaps the question is not "why Asian women don't shave", but more of "why do Western women shave so much?"