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  1. Brown Leather

    Well a totally logical idea, to hide dirt. lol. Of course that means it also conceals terrible stains, which I like. Thanks guys!
  2. Brown Leather

    If you look up executive chairs, executive hotel suites, etc its always Brown Leather. Why? I'm sure this is a mans thing, because I want White Leather, executive style. hahaha Just a curious mind wondering.... TGIF BABY!
  3. Frustrated

    Bust his ASP Cherry!!! Do it now and do it hard! It’s about to be bangbros on TOB. I want to watch. 🤭😳
  4. OK, Officer Friendly

    I needed a laugh today. I can't stop. Thanks
  5. Provider's with sports knowledge

    1. Broncos- Football 2. Rockies-Baseball 3. Nuggets- Basketball Native to Denver and a LOYAL Fan- NO MATTER WHAT
  6. Making friends vs. being a loner

    I'm a lone wolf. Tougher for people to hurt me or my reputation. I keep out of the gossip and negative vibes. I have no idea what rumors are flying around and I love it. Good luck.
  7. Literacy Rant

    Dear Mr. BadBoy, Hope all is well! There are many answers to the above question you have asked above. For instance a person could be using their cellphone instead of a computer. Another reason to use acronyms instead of the entire word is because it is more efficient. However, the biggest reason of them all.... Wait for it... is to anger you. A language that is always changing is a great thing, if there is no change in the language it becomes dead. In conclusion, listed above are a few of the many reasons that acronyms are being used in everyday life in the year of 2017. Kindest Regards, Sydney Coxxx
  8. A good conversation

    I would talk to my Dad. Life's not the same without him. He held us all together. Christmas was his favorite holiday. He would be so angry if he saw that I was using my big living room plant as a Christmas tree. LMAO
  9. Escort Ads by State Cheat Sheet

    Also in the support section of P411 it has a list of places to advertise.
  10. Just gonna put this out there.

    I beg to differ cause I'm not eating a stinky V. We don't use women as test subjects in experiments, because they are all different, and variables need to stay the same. Henceforth, some have a Lil smell, but I have none. And I'm healthy as a horse. If a woman has too much bacteria and not enough yeast. That pretty kitty kat starts smelling like the after fish market. The opposite of yeast and needs treated.
  11. To Good for backpages?

    BP =Scary 😳if you don't research TOB/p411= BEST! i.e. LE/Fake/Rob/Violent Providers on BP may still have reviews though, research my friend. More foot traffic on BP. But not worth the risk. Clients need future references with established providers. Do as you wish and have as much fun as possible!
  12. Escort Ads by State Cheat Sheet

    You must have forgot the rules, boys already have cooties!
  13. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm wondering if the Clients and Providers whom travel and know the various reputable websites that escorts post on for other states; would start listing them? Please NO BP! I will make a cheat sheet and send it to whomever would like a copy. Ready.... Go!!! Thanks so much mi compadres!
  14. Happy Birthday Francesca!

    Happy Happy Birthday!! It's a TOB party! Tip her well Gentlemen, she deserves it, plus it's her birthday!!
  15. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Yes, Audrey!! I have heard of paying for a year or lifetime membership on p411 for regular favorite clients. Wine is good for some, not all. I think its personal and a challenge to listen to others.. I like the idea of GAG gifts. lol.