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  1. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    All of the above... Different experiences call for different fashion options
  2. Most Walkable/ Picturesque Neighborhoods

    Bradburn between 72nd and 80th
  3. How Old is too Old?

    You are NEVER TOO OLD!! More experienced, maybe.
  4. When providers retaliate

    The thing I wonder about is our safety as the women. Why would that the provider not contact the other provider directly, or the website itself??? Why would they contact the client??? In bold lettering all over the place it says do not tell people they are on this list, And provide steps to take if they think a post is and provide steps to take if they think a post is fake.. then the website does the research and finds out. And this provider goes right ahead and tellsyou? And now we’re letting all Tob and all of our new community members think this is how it’s supposed to be done. What an example we are Giving too all the new people. We are showing people how to break all the rules and it’s OK to get away with it. Wow I’m very surprised. I cannot believe how this is being handled. The only thing I read was the first post. I’m not reading four pages of post guys I don’t have time for that. I sincerely apologize! But I love all of you. And I don’t know what happened this morning I kept trying to delete and they were posting. Where the heck did edit go??
  5. When providers retaliate

    I'm voting the Provider got set up by a jealous Provider and a little boy whom could not have her. Truth is Always Revealed. Can't WAIT!!!!
  6. When providers retaliate

    Wow! Insane lies being told.
  7. I'm all for the ladies staying safe, but...

    I always get nervous of the same things at o/c's because I caught a client doing it before and I felt like it was happening at another's. There's bad/unknowing apples out there; keep your eye out for the good ones. Some of the girls are just young and dumb... Remember that age? Me too.... There's plenty of Providers with great reputations that never bite the hand that feeds them... We kiss it...
  8. Careful with screening boys.

    You can usually find out the Personal identification of a person pretty easy. All you need is the number. To any Newbies (men/women) I cannot stress enough to please make sure your choice is reviewed and that woman are taking a few extra steps (30seconds -24hours Depending on your process) To ensure their safety. I’m sure many girls have websites that have etiquette and frequently asked questions sections; read them, reach out for help, know the laws and your rights. Next time just dump your phone in the trash. Say it was stolen. And pay the $200 with your insurance. Tougher to do in a state of panic. It’s absolutely horrible. Good lesson to us all. Do our homework. And bring your teacher lots of gifts, Apples Get to be boring. Better luck next time
  9. Worst Movie

    agreed, this movie had so much hype around it and turned out to be a total bust!
  10. Favorite Parts

    Hey she looks like me! LOVE SUMMER!! And volunteering at many Charitable Golf Events, better see all of you at one!
  11. Where Will You Discover Us?

    Good, from what I heard, Eccie was just a big trash talking site. Reviews could say anything and they totally bashed Providers. Then I heard Providers go back and forth on there too. I wouldn't join while it was up. I like how nice and professional TOB is. Keep our personal lives personal and professional lives professional.
  12. Which one of you is this?!?! - Castle Rock Orgies

    I would totally host one. If I had enough interest. Suggested donation at the door is 65 per couple. I seriously would have a great spot in Parker .... interesting...
  13. Next Week

    Shake what your mama gave ya! Lol 😂 lol hell yea rock on
  14. Next Week I laughed so hard. Keep trudging. It’ll be fine. I think I have an angle the media and people will go for;) maybe not but it’s worth a shot. Until then find cock memes to laugh at;) God bless America ... Land of the free, home of the brave.....