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  1. 411 on Harley COS

    Note that if you text her, someone called "Jax" will text you back, telling you to call him/her (?) For scheduling with Harley.
  2. COS Pearl (Sweet Asian Companion - 37)

    I have not seen her but I recall a string from long ago with the same feedback as stated above. Also, the pics were not her but are similar to her. I also recall she would only do hour long sessions, so no halves to try her.
  3. She sure looks like Fallshine who sometimes doubles up with Ryleigh in COS. I don't get a match with her other numbers though. If it is Fallshine, she has been well reviewed, positively that is.
  4. Therapeutic massage in COS

    Given the ASP focus of the forum, I'm not sure if anyone else looks for real therapeutic massage to dis cuss here. I do often seek it and have had much better luck with Chinese spas and the worst experiences in Thai places. That said, I will share my amazing find for the last 2 years and that is Connie at Peony Spa at Barnes and Austin Bluffs. She is pretty, young, and provides the best massages I've had in a dozen years of experience. She will work every muscle of your body till you whimper from the intensity, if you lIke it hard. An hour is optimal but half hour is good too. The hour duration has its advantages in several ways, of course. If you have a favorite, please share too. Note if Connie is busy, Amy is older but does good work too. Don't forget they work for tips.
  5. A 411 Puzzler Here in COS

    The reason those ads disappear and then can only be found in searches is that BP is pushing ad payment via bitcoin. That costs a minimum of 250 I think. If they use a credit card, the ad will appear briefly then only show up in Additional Ads. I learned this yesterday from a BP provider.
  6. A 411 Puzzler Here in COS

    The latter ad is a legit provider so possibly a loaner phone
  7. 411 On 719-426-6026

    She stood me up the first time I tried to see her and the second time, she asked for donation first to get a room. I dropped her from reconsideration. That said, she does have some older reviews that were positive.
  8. 411 on Chelcia - no reviews posted

    If it looks too good to be true...... (fill in the blank). But definitely a steady barrage of ad updates for a long time. I kept thinking some of the pics were of an AA woman too.
  9. There is just NO WAY

    If it looks too good to be true.... (you know what comes next)
  10. info on Katia

    Just an update on this old inquiry about Katia. I've finally seen her and she is a DNR requester so no specifics but I will say the photos are legit and I will return to see her again. Her ad is up occasionally but she said she gets dozens of responses so its hit and miss on a reply until she knows you. One hint from her... don't ask inappropriate (aka stupid) questions.
  11. 411 On Mandy 719-629-1850

    I agree completely and will wait for a more credible reviewer before I go there.
  12. 411 in COS

    if you read her full ad, perhaps this note in the ad would be considered reasonable for everyone who has the face pic required criteria: "~Face picture available upon request" Sorry Fork... no stomach pictures offered... but good point.
  13. She does have one review under Courtney(BP): The phone # was: 720-599-6156 The reviewer has a few others so he looks legit. Based on that review, I see many positives.
  14. 411 in COS

    I tried to get together with her a couple weeks back but didn't get a timely text response and when she did reply, she was very flirty and tried to coax me to make it. I think her ad is great though and very tempting. My only reservation, other than no review history available, is the time stamp of her BP posts like the last one at 2am, which for some reason bothers me. Yes, I know working all night and sleeping all day isn't unusual. So I personally have her on my 'wait and see' list for now.
  15. Daytime Hotel options for outcalls (COS)

    Thank you for that warning Melissa. Good advice. I've only had out calls to a hotel on business trips so a local place is a new challenge.