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  1. Cant wait to meet everyone!

    WelCUM to the board and community Cara!
  2. So long and farewell!

    Yeah - you didn't read the entire thread did ya. I'm back. Lol.
  3. Favorite in Session?

    No moving to the beat of LOA - it's the nasty things performed while listening to it is what matches the style.
  4. 411 Russian Dolls

    Haven't used this agency but have used Aplus bunnies. Very similar look and experience. Top notch stuff. Price is a bracket lower than Russian Dolls.
  5. Ok, pop quiz hotshot...

    Man up and do your best.
  6. Favorite in Session?

    It depends on the lady, setting and mood. For example one one lady opened the door, led me to her kick ass room complete with black lights, a bat, chains, handcuffs and huge ass sound system. We cranked up Lords of Acid and had crazy furious sex. Saw another lady that was laid back and all about the Colorado free spirit vibe. She had some sort of trance music and it matched perfectly. I think the music should match the ladies personality for a fun time but that's just my opinion.
  7. Doubles Question

    Why bother going back and forth. One can sit on your face while the other does utf.
  8. Just realized my reply was shilling. Mods delete if needed. Anyhow, I just search for piercings and from there you can read reviews and contact the provider for details. More leg work but if you're determined about certain qualities I don't think there's a way to filter down to a specific body part for this info.
  9. You're in luck. Lexi Lambeaux has pierced nipples and has JUST returned.
  10. So long and farewell!

    Ok so I'm back. It was a semi retirement to be honest. I saw a few ladies here and there but was all but finished. The money was spent on my other hobby - audio gear. Then just yesterday - as I sat and listened to it, I got an email from an ATF from 3 years ago. She's back and so now I'm back. Sort of. I'll be seeing her exclusively. It was nice to take a break but at the same time it's nice to see that most of you are still here!
  11. Alternative Advertising

    Yeah Eccie has a section for it - I have used it now and then. But I just rely on word of mouth. I sometimes get blind emails from people using my watermark info as well. With that said, things have slowed down recently and I agree - it is a missed opportunity of sorts....there have been posts about this in the past but it never seems to result in anything.
  12. Info on Honey from A+?

    I can echo the positive statements about A+. I haven't seen Honey but have seen a few others from the agency and have left very happy each time. They are a little pricey but you get what you pay for.
  13. Hotel protocols

    Better yet - yesterday I requested the lady to meet me at the side entrance. It was smooth and stealth. Pro!!
  14. Hotel protocols

    I walk in with my gym bag and check emails on my phone. Works like a charm!
  15. Awkward

    Please post a review so the rest of us have a little warning. Besides that - if it was good enough for a 2nd visit I would see her again to see if she has straightened out. I'm sure a lot of us are curious to who it was.