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  1. Squirting

    I would love to spend some time with a lady who squirts! Geez!
  2. Labia-good, bad or ugly

    Well, although I am not picky and love the company of any beautiful woman, I do love and find large labia a serious turn on. I have only met one lady on TOB that fit that criteria. PM me if you want to know, and PM me a list of ladies that do meet this criteria if you can, thanks!!!
  3. Members you miss

    I miss Naomi Claire! Holy cow!
  4. 411 on Alex 12

    I think the biggest factor is that the activities were just OK according to Sir Galaxy. I know not all reviews are accurate either, another reason TOB is a fantastic resource for us all. Thanks to everyone who responded to my post!
  5. 411 on Alex 12

    Alex 415-630-8392 Colorado Companion Does anyone have a 411 on Alex? Anyone seen her? She looks amazing. Her site is
  6. 411 on Alex 12

    WOW. Thanks for letting me know! This is why I love TOB!
  7. 411 on Alex 12

    Mmmm, she looks amazing. Was hoping to hear from someone who has met her...the reviews do look good though!
  8. 411 on Amira Mulan

    Amira Mulan 720-619-2606 Colorado Companion Has anyone here ever seen her? She is on Eros but I am not a fan of that site. ( ) She also has a personal site, other than that I can not find anything about her.
  9. Makinzie Kozak 720-689-1996 Colorado Companion Looking for information on this young lady? Anyone on TOB seen her? She is on Twitter and another provider list, but I have not seen a single review? I normally stick to TOB and P411 only, but I must say, looking around I have seen some exceptional provider ads on other sites. Many are obviously fake, but I can not help but wonder? Anybody?
  10. 411 on Amira Mulan

    Yeah, looks like I may have too. I will most certainly post a review if I do!
  11. so...ummmm..... Hi all !.. yes yes...

    Hello and welcome back!!!
  12. What do you do after the deed is done?

    Guess it really depends on the time that remains. I never over stay my appointment time! Love to cuddle though!
  13. 411 on Amira Mulan

    Reviving this post. Any updates from anyone? She is still on Eros.
  14. Colorado Springs

    Welcome to TOB
  15. Getting started here

    Welcome. Have respect for all and be safe!
  16. Recommendations in Vegas

    Signup to P411. They list many wonderful ladies in Vegas.
  17. Jane Smith from Dallas

    Pretty sad as Jane Smith and Naomi where amazing. I hope all is well with them! They did drop off rather rapidly.
  18. Does a connection count?

    A lot of providers have a "social rate" where they will meet for a meal or drink and nothing additional. There is very much a fee involved, although normally less than it would otherwise be. The best connections are developed over multiple visits. I personally prefer more of a connection or knowing. I used to book a minimum of 2 hours just to get to know the person. I have booked several 3+ hour sessions. This can and has backfired where I had a 3 hour session with someone with whom I had zero connection. Very awkward. A waste of "fun" funds in that case. Now I book 1 hour or 90 mins. If I connected well and I really like the person, I book a second longer appointment.
  19. How about a nice bareback threesome to brighten the day

    Hahaha! Awesome!
  20. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    If I had to pick I would say Sasha Grey
  21. 411 On Makinzie Kozak

    So, I did reach out to her. She was responsive. I didn't set anything up just yet. Mmmmm, I was hoping someone knows her....
  22. AOC / She's Hot, You're not

    I was thinking of commenting on this topic, but you said it way better than I ever I will just say "what she said"
  23. Test run

    I normally book 90 mins, as I feel it helps with the connection. I recently shortened visits to 60 mins. The problem is that it get costly when you book a 90 min meeting and there really is zero connection with the provider, or the provider is not what you expected. I have had a high number of those lately!
  24. 411 On Makinzie Kozak

    Right? Seems fishy to me?
  25. 411 On Makinzie Kozak

    Her Twitter account has pictures using a phone....not much out there about her though?