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  1. Oasis

    Same! Great FBSM, personality, nice, great location, easy parking and location was close.
  2. Massage

    The posibility of Colorado Massage Any FBSM around wheat ridge and Golden? PM me thanks!
  3. To accommodate and/or consider Colorado Massage Looking for a fbsm... PM me please thanks!
  4. Water sports

    Any golden shower providers or any hobbyist that know any. PM ME! Thanks
  5. A Shameless Plug

    Or with any plug! They can wear a dress, so when you bend them over you see a plug nice and flush! Underwear on or off would be super hot!. Even hotter if the plug gets taking out slowly and she willing to taste it... #loveitdirty
  6. A Shameless Plug

    Didnt know we can post links like this!
  7. Superbowl

    Eh, it's a game. Friends and lots of food though! Hah
  8. I like getting my ass licked

    I feel you! Miss it alot!
  9. Thoughts on using CC?

    What's your thought on using CC with a provider or AMP? risky? Any providers or any FBSM/BDSM take CC PM me =) thanks!
  10. Thoughts on using CC?

    Thanks guys!
  11. Thoughts on using CC?

    Or even Paypal credit send option?
  12. Do you ever go over your budget

    Yes many times lol. Temptation is real! Haha