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  1. When your wife is cheating?

    Well see, here is the problem....I literally would have never gotten into the hobby if she hadn’t fucked my Brother 5 times while I was working 4 different jobs, 7 days a week to make sure the bills were paid early on in our marriage. So for all of you trying to make me out to be the bad guy, you need to know the whole story.....
  2. Ok, so I haven’t been the most faithful man in the world, but I have always made sure that my wife and kids were taken care of on a physical and an emotional level. Hobbying has just been a release for me from the stresses of every day life. 1/2 and hour here, an hour there.....So what do you do when you find out without a doubt that your wife is having both an emotional and physical affair with another man. I know everything there is to know about the guy, and I could burn his world down, but I truly want to work things out with my wife....Thoughts....Go...
  3. Are any lovely ladies hosting in walking distance of Disney Springs this week? PM me if you’d like to set something up.
  4. Location - Westminster or Lowry

    Hey All, Im not sure if this is a lame question, but I’m looking for a friend within walking/jogging distance of either my place or my work. I live in the apartments basically right to the west of of 36 &92nd....I’ve always fantasized about having a friend in the same complex as me. Otherwise, I’d live to find a friend super close to my work...Basically Havana & Alameda. Pm me if anyone has any ideas or you think you are close to either location. Thanks!!