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  1. Best Incall location to work out of to get more calls

    Thanks guys I had read about this before but it was some time ago and I was just making sure its still the same. Im pretty new to all of this so I apologize if I'm posting stuff I shouldn't and will not do it again. Thanks everyone that understands it was just a mistake. No pun intended.
  2. Hi everyone been a minute since I have posted. My question is where is a good location to work out of in Denver. I mainly have worked north of Denver as it's more close to home. But recently my lines have been dead and I'm hoping a change of location could possibly ad some more new onlookers that maybe haven't contacted me due to location. But where is the hottest spot for new potential meetings to happen. Thank you everyone and have a beautiful day!!
  3. Not so funny at the time...

    I just recently had a room and got a call from a new guy and as I was checking in I told him to park in the back and I would come through the back door and let him in. So as I drive around back I see this guy sitting in his car and staring me right in the eyes. I smile and drive past. Run in to my room and text him that I'll be right back to let him in and asked if that was him parked. He said ya and ok. I go to the door and see he is still in his car so l wave him in and he gets out of his car with a backpack and I think wow he must come prepared and he was really young looking. Anyways I let him in and as we were walking to my room there was this older gentleman standing kinda by my door and it looked like he was waiting for house keeping to finish in the room across the hall. But my client saw him and paused looking a little spooked like I was setting him up. So I open my door and wave him again wispering "come on hurry up its ok" so he picks up his step and follows me into the room and sits in the chair next to the bed. He says "I think that guy was here waiting for you" I'm like "no crazy I wouldn't do that to you. I have no clue who that guy was and I think he's waiting for house keeping to finish with that room." He proceeds to be like "no he looked like he was waiting for you" so I was like "no" again. I then asked him what he enjoys the most also confirming his 2 hr meeting and waited for him to agree to the time, which ment we had a donation set in place. Well he tells me " no. I wish I could spend two hours with you and I think the gentleman in the hall was the one that actually could afford two hours with you." I then asked him " wait you didnt call me to set up a 2 hr meeting?" And it all hit me like a brick. "Oh no I'm so sorry I am going to have to ask you to leave" I pick up my phone and since I always put my phone on slilence I didnt hear the 5 missed calls and the text message asking me who the guy was that entered my room with me. I called him back and told him what had happened and we spent the first 30 mins in shock and laughing about what had happened. Needless to say I finished my time with him and decided it was not a very good idea to stay in that particular room for the remainder of the night. I'll never do that again.
  4. Hi I'm new

    Thank you everyone. I have been reading the threads and its amazing how much advice there is your right.
  5. Hi I'm new

    Hi everyone I'm new to this all and after lots of wasted time on Craigslist, I am so happy to come across this site. Any tips for newbies