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  1. Dirty Talk---yes, no?

    Sounds like a trick question!
  2. More power to the continuing bright glow in your new life. Miss you and your sweetness!

    Here's to beautiful bodacious blonde babes bouncing back in all the best ways.
  4. CS Stacy or Sierra?

    I've seen Sierra8066 many times and she was a delight... friendly, very sexy, great menu, reasonable and sometimes nicely sassy. A perfect combo for me. If you see her, ask to see her pictures for a nice surprise.
  5. HELP!!!

    Very much so, but I was in great need of some catharsis and had a good cry. Some very sweet people gave and gave to that pooch!
  6. On order, I hear that Amazon has a special on venting tools too.
  7. And if I win the lotto, I'll volunteer to be *your* full time sugar daddy.
  8. The happy thread

    Getting a 2 hour regular massage later today from my all time favorite masseuse, after we get a steak dinner.
  9. Where to keep the supplies?

    Just spread them all out on the bed in a suggestive, "artful" way. The resulting conversations could be an outgageous hoot!
  10. Post Your Funnies

    Finally found the link for all 28 of them from Megan Marie's Twitter feed:
  11. Have we switched roles?

    Role play with the guy as provider can be quite fun...
  12. Post Your Funnies

    Blast from the past (1956)... theme song for hot dogs and our wonderful ladies.
  13. Post Your Funnies

    Glad to hear it, just wish that I'd saved the link. There were about 25 similar ads on the page. I used to work in the Burbank area for many years, I remember that hot dog stand and meant to go there with co-workers but never found enough interest. I fondly recall a great hot dog stand in the St Louis area called Woofies whose slogan was "The hot dog with dignity" which were great and, when loaded, were not dignified at all... much like some of my favorite providers.
  14. Post Your Funnies

  15. -whisperer

    Red & green versions around Xmas time too!