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  1. Cash App Tutorial

    my 'error' was pretty much just a black screen and wouldn't allow me to put in the amount i want to send or to where or anything, but i contacted support and it's fixed now
  2. Cash App Tutorial

    i'm having issues transferring my bitcoin from cashapp as well. i used to be able to send it directly from there to post an ad on here, but i've been trying for days and cashapp isn't allowing me to transfer outside of the app. i can only transfer to other cashapp users. :/ pretty inconvenient as i have a lot stored on there. i tried to purchase more in my coinomi wallet, but they took so much out in fees i had to go back to buy even more, except now they won't let me bc they think it's a risk or otherwise fraudulent 🙃
  3. Flying a provider to you

    i second everyone suggesting you fly to her instead. i have several clients who fly to denver to see me and i love this as it's less stressful on my end- no need for me to do hotel research, figure out transportation/planning, hire a pet + plant sitter, etc. not to mention you'll save a lot of $$ and exploring new cities is a lot of fun!
  4. I recently discovered the ignore feature, but i'm not sure how similarly it works to a block feature, so I have just a couple questions. I'd like to add people to it that have failed my screening, so they can stop being able to contact me repeatedly etc (does it work in that way? kind of unclear if it just ignores their posts on the forums which I don't really care about). I was also wondering if when you add someone to your ignore list are they still able to see your ads? If not, is there a way to block certain members from viewing my ads completely?
  5. Most Looking Forward to These Activities

    definitely missing the gym, my yoga and pilates studios, looking forward to my pool reopening + definitely a visit to the hair salon! i’m also looking forward to beginning aerial silk classes, pottery class, opening an LLC for my new business, getting some new ink, and being able to resume traveling and touring 💫
  6. Dining in Denver

    tupelo honey has lovely southern dishes. the honey dusted fried chicken is the best i’ve had so far in denver. osteria marco for pizza, and the rotary when i want something fast and yummy.