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  1. References

    I want to clarify.. I meant no disrespect, I absolutely understand the need for safety and security for all parties.. my post was sincere in its intent to obtain info on what I might do if I wanted to see a lady who seemed to require references. Call me naive, but had I known it might be as simple as calling and asking if there was alternative information I might be able to offer up in lieu of a reference, that was all I was seeking clarity on. To any who read my post and took it to be nasty or disrespectful, my apologies.
  2. References

    Soooo, I have a question. First a little background.. I have dabbled in this hobby (gawd! I loathe that characterization, but it garners understanding) off and on for many years. Unfortunately for me my daliances are puntuated by significant absences. There are many lovely ladies on this site that I'd love to meet, but because I lack 'current' enough references, I don't bother to reach out to a lady I might otherwise like to see. My question is, are there alternatives to provider references that I may not be aware of AND what is the proper etiquette once you've had an encounter with a lady.. do you ask if you might use her as a reference?? In some ways, I would think that asking might give a wrong impression (dissatisfaction, etc).. and I certainly don't want to do that.. I merely have a penchant for *blush* variety.. thanks for the anticipated advice..
  3. The absolute absence of companionship here in the hinterland of NOCO is maddening.. could sure use some uhhhh cuddling tonight last minute and all.. PM me if near FOCO and lets get warm together..

    There is a new buzz word -sapiosexual - the attraction to intelligence.. I am definitely a sapiosexual, but beyond the attraction to intelligence, I find myself drawn to confident women .. doesn't matter the size.. if a woman is comfortable in her own skin, dresses to accentuate or draw attention to her *blush* assets (whether that happens to be her smile, her eyes, her hair, her curves, her finely sculpted gams...mmmmm I am definitely a leg man!).. I am like a moth drawn to the flame.. helpless to resist her wily charms.. so whatever size or shape you are.. if you can craft a legible ad that exudes confidence.. I am like putty in your hands.... As an aside, I cannot deny perusing your profile.. oh my!! You are absolutely stunning m'lady!!
  5. New Here

    Welcome aboard Kylie!!
  6. Just wanted to say Hello!

    Mile "Hi" shout out to you Sarah.. don't let this big'ol board intimidate you.. sometimes what works best is to find a topic you're interested in and chime in with your own thoughts, ideas or opinions.. it may lead to some pm's but atvtge very least, it is a way to get yourself known.. welcome to Denver.. enjoy your adventure.. Cowboy (((hugs)))
  7. Incall....

    Ahhhh.. this is indeed a conundrum.. I have struggled with this issue from the opposite side... I cannot host and miss many an opportunity to see some lovely women on that basis. Moeover, given the extreme shortage of incall talent in northern Colorado it led to a severe case of blueballitis. Then I happened on an "arrangement" along the lines of what Kinkster described albeit on a short term basis.. anywhere from 3-5 days, I would pick up the tab for quality accommodations in exchange for certain SB/SD type considerations. This also led to more "regular" rendezvouses which is my preference anyway. It seemed to work, but clearly is not for everyone.. especially if stability is paramount.
  8. Hot men alert!

    Reading this post and acknowledging that I am a card-carrying AARPie made my day!! I thank you for that Lady Melissa Confidence comes with age.. and that confidence manifests itself in many ways.. to include finally being at a stage in my life that is free of having to prove myself to anyone.. it is blissfully liberating!!
  9. Asian lady ads

    When I posted this, I had just watched such a documentary and these various ads smack of trafficking - all have similar construction, pic quality and phrasing.. and to think after watching that documentary I thought "yeahhh, but that couldn't happen here!".. and for the record, indeed, I meant "prurient"..
  10. Cancelation epidemic

    DSBU!? LOL!! is that the medical acronym for blue balls?? Anywayyyyyy.. Raine.. having voyeured your profile before posting a response, My Gawd men!! Why would anyone cancel or otherwise not show up if fortunare to gain an audience with this incredibly beautiful creature?! .. on behalf of my gender, please accept sincere apologies for the narcissistic, inconsiderate behaviors.. you are most justified in your frustration and gracious in your acknowledgment of true gentlemen.. my hope for you m'lady is that fortune sends you more of the latter and less of the former..
  11. New to TOB. Saying Hello.

    I am in northern Colorado and up yonder, the Greeley Chop House serves a great variety of steaks and other fare, buttttt, why don't you suggest a place and I'll treat you to an evening enviable to any foodies wishes.. see how I cleverly worked in a veiled yet honest request for a date there?? Hehehe
  12. For myself, I love pics that show off a woman's figure.. dresses or lingerie (corsets, nylons, garters.. oh my!!) vs full nudity.. I think too much tends to "give away" what should be left to the lusty male imagination.. a woman who is clearly comfortable in her own skin and flirts with me through the camera's lens will always get my *ahem, nudge, nudge, wink, wink* attention. I would recommend a woman develop a portfolio done professionally.. c'mon ladies, this is your craft, invest in yourself and havecfun with it!! Finally, don't forget the words in your ads.. the inane, drivel I sometimes wade through will cause me to look elsewhere.. read reviews and you will frequently see that even we neanderthals appreciate inteligent conversation as part of our rendezvous.. the ads content is (at least for me) as important as the visuals..
  13. Rather disappointed

    There are "boys" and there are "men".. sounds like you just were unfortunate to have encountered a string of boys.. I am sorry for that.. it is the sins of a few that ruin it for the vast majority...
  14. Asian lady ads

    Forgive my coarse words, but WTF is with all the Asian ads on BP?! I mean, I rarely go there (TOB) is my "lurking home" for my more *ahem* purient interests, but when I perused the ads the other day I couldn't believe the sheer number of ads featuring Asian ladies! Are they even legit?? Sheesh.. I really need to pay more attention!
  15. I'm soooo happy to be back....

    Bellaaaaaaaa!! My absolute favorite lady to grace these pages that I've never met!! Your disposition, your spirit, your warmth are abundantly evident in your words.. *sigh*