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  1. Wow! New format, new mods!

    Wow this shite is pretty fucken razor bro.
  2. Mexican restaurants

    Taco Bell...
  3. Favorite Movie about the Biz?

    Im glad no one said Pretty Women yet. I know it's cliche to mention anything about Pretty Women on this board but it really is my favorite movie about the biz. And it's not because I can't think of any other one's because there are lots of pornos with escorts in the the title. Idk it's just that it has an awesome theme song. Julia Roberts being hot. Then he saves then loses her then wins her back. Just an all around happy movie.
  4. Happy Birthday Justina Carter!

    ya happy birthday
  5. Um no. It has cross my mind to before to buy a flashlight. But i never could cross the line. So a 5000 dollar doll would be a negative. The only way I would consider one is if I was pimping it on backpages or craigslis. Or if I ever made it big TOB.
  6. Lets see something weird. I once hit something that belonged to the hotel with my vehicle. I didn't damage my vehicle though. I meet a providers security/drive. once. She introduced me to him after seeing her a few times. She swore it wasn't her pimp. Whatever he was it was super awkward.
  7. It's around my third time. I think it's a relatively low number considering Im infected with a love bug for my "SP". Wow you're the sherlock homes of love. Yep, Im not taking any of your bitter drugs expect for the part about taking her to see the sunset. I like that idea. Don't worry about the pain I manage it with love movies, booz, and other hobbies. Plus I don't have any expectation of love from any asp. When you expect too much it may leave you disappointed .
  8. upscale & elite

    Waffle House > Denny's
  9. That fits your sassy personality to a tee.
  10. A word from Jez UaBriain.

    Omg good luck jezy.
  11. Proofreading is one word asshole. Anyways proofreading takes away from the raw sex apeal of any post. Very true points mr pitbull. But does God her/him self say love is a battle field. I'm not saying love sould be found this way. But what I'm am saying is take a chance. Fuck it. All I'm saying is I love my dog. But that doesn't mean I want to marry my dog. But the at the same time I doesn't mean that marrying my dog is out of the question.
  12. Indeed guys here's the disclaimer this is most expensive place to find love. But as we all know Jesus loved the escorts. I think josh said that a while back but that's actually been my a thing in my head since for ever. Escort no matter how slutty deserve love and need to be saved by macho.
  13. That's the bull shit answer I don't want the standard bull shit answer. Spoiler: a mate can be found anywhere. Here's the thing if you want something bad enough go for it. If you fail at least you tried. In my earlier years I was defeated before I even gave anything a try. Yes totally the hardest place to find love indeed. Wrong place ... Ummmmm no . Wrong place . family reunion by definition is closer.. I wish I frequented two girls. I haven't needed to in a while. I pretty much don't frequent anyone and see them when it's convenient
  14. It's time to remember love is buring ring. Something something I fell into a burning ring of fire something something flames went higher. .... Here is what I don't understand . Why isn't love talked about openly on the other board .
  15. Fun sized

    A ferret is too large and would of been noticed. There's only two things small enough to shit in a sock and get unnoticed 1. Little person 2. Halfling (but they don't exist)