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  1. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    The other day I was with a provider who used a Broomfield incall. We got to chatting about the lack of women using this side of town. She says us Broomfield/Westminster fellas are the best. She said we are nicer, better gentlemen and just plain funner. So, shout out to all us Westminster/Broomfield based fellas. Keep us the good reputation.
  2. Favorite Time to Hobby

    What are your favorite times to Hobby? My favorite is the mornings. I love seeing a woman before I go to work.
  3. I’m PMing more so there is that.

    So what good about the new TOB? I’m PMing a lot more. I’ll send a message asking about a provider. Maybe we’ll all become friendly and chat more in PMs. Maybe we can get group chat as another step on TOB? s.
  4. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    So fun this string still going.
  5. I’m here and I’ll still see you when I can

    Hi ladies. I’m still here. I’ll still see you. I look forward to our next adventure. Many of us have multiple regulars. It sucks when people who don’t get it ruin a great thing. I’ve been here going on nearly 8 years. This shall pass. stay safe and have some fun S.
  6. Vegas the next few nights

    I’m in Las Vegas the next few nights. I’d appreciate a recommendation or two for a provider visiting or from here. Thank you.
  7. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    ASPs come and go. Some of us get a little attached to those rare gems we come across and are sad when they go away. Shout out to all those gals that have hung it up or moved away. Who do you miss the most? I miss The Candy Shop.
  8. Thank you. I'm on a roll

    I just wanted to thank you. The last 5 ASPs I've seen have been everything I wanted and desired. Each lady was fun, positive and engaging. They all made me feel like they really enjoyed their time as well. I feel like I'm on a good roll with these beautiful ladies. I just wanted to give a shot out to you on the TOB. Hope your having the success I'm having.
  9. What is this site? it's not legit? I've seen a few girls that this site says they are working with police?
  10. Schedules!

    9am is my absolute favorite time to meet an ASP. I'm freshly showered. I fit you in before work. Great way to start the day!
  11. Tampa Florida Escorts

    Thanks all. I'll let you know if I find a worthy companion
  12. Tampa Florida Escorts

    I'm flying into Tampa tomorrow. Anyone know of some escorts I could hit up in the Tamps area?
  13. The wife is ready

    The wife has come around. She is willing to try a threesome. So, whom do you suggest I contact? I think for both of us to be comfortable we need a ASP in her 30s or 40s. What are your thoughts? Do you recommend someone? Do you wanna join us? Oh, and I wanna be fair. I want my wife to enjoy another man. Thoughts on that?
  14. The Tease

    How do I go about requesting a tease? I want to try a NEW ASP. I want more teasing before the pleasing. How do I ask that without going into details. I tried a few times and the girls requested I not contact them again.
  15. An hour of just touching me

    Ok, so I don't want a massage. I just want our bodies touching for an hour, maybe a little striptease action and a whole lot of flirting and you swallowing me at the end. Anyone suggest a gal for me who will do that?