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  1. What are you reading Or listening too.

    One or my favorite books of all time is Lolita. Jeramy Irons reads it in the Audible version. I highly suggest it! S
  2. Would you do this if you got caught?

    I saw this and thought of you, and you, and your time with her. I would never do this.
  3. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    He brought it up during a drunken conversation.
  4. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    My neighbor is in the hobby. He doesn't know I'm in the hobby. I've debated to bring up our mutual enjoyments.
  5. Closest Calls with LE

    Oh boy. I've got a doozy. This was looong before TOB. I was driving down Colfax and a lovely gal was walking along. We chatted, she told me her room # at a hotel. As I parked at the hotel I noticed two women in a car very strung out and needing a hit to feed their veins. I walked into the hotel room, gave the lovely women my donation, and started to have fun. Almost immediately, there was a knock on the door. One of those strung out ladies enters the room talking strange. I'm kinda freaked out. My gal says, "Ignore her lets continue," What? I can't continue with her standing there like that. "Ok, let me take care of her," she says. Come back in 30 minutes. So I leave, drive around for 30 minutes. When I return to the hotel, the cops are in that gals room. I quickly drove off imagining what would of happened if I had stayed. What we did back then, sometimes was nuts. S.
  6. More zero reviews aging up

    We all start with zero reviews. We all work up our reputation. There are several gentlemen there, I don’t know by name, but by reputation. I trust, once they review, then I’ll contact a provider for my own fun. I also trust these gentlemen to ‘hit’ those zero reviews 1st.
  7. Next Month is my Birthday

    Next month is my birthday. I want something special. Have you done anything you felt truly special while you hobby?
  8. To Greek or Not to Greek

    I get off when I know the ladies are into it. So, if she doesn’t enjoy I won’t enjoy. Kinda the rule I go by.
  9. Where has Reese Reynolds gone off to?

    My Reese Experience is a top 5 for me.
  10. Broomfield/Westminster Men

    The other day I was with a provider who used a Broomfield incall. We got to chatting about the lack of women using this side of town. She says us Broomfield/Westminster fellas are the best. She said we are nicer, better gentlemen and just plain funner. So, shout out to all us Westminster/Broomfield based fellas. Keep us the good reputation.
  11. Favorite Time to Hobby

    What are your favorite times to Hobby? My favorite is the mornings. I love seeing a woman before I go to work.
  12. I’m PMing more so there is that.

    So what good about the new TOB? I’m PMing a lot more. I’ll send a message asking about a provider. Maybe we’ll all become friendly and chat more in PMs. Maybe we can get group chat as another step on TOB? s.
  13. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    So fun this string still going.
  14. I’m here and I’ll still see you when I can

    Hi ladies. I’m still here. I’ll still see you. I look forward to our next adventure. Many of us have multiple regulars. It sucks when people who don’t get it ruin a great thing. I’ve been here going on nearly 8 years. This shall pass. stay safe and have some fun S.
  15. Vegas the next few nights

    I’m in Las Vegas the next few nights. I’d appreciate a recommendation or two for a provider visiting or from here. Thank you.