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  1. Worlds Most Beautiful Female Anchors

    LOL: I have the BIGGEST crush on her forever...used to listen to her on the radio before she went to TV.....Love it that she does not loo like the "standard" tv chick... (they all kind of look alike) .you are correct...taste is individual!
  2. The guy who stirs the pot

    Give 'em hell, bro! That includes me:)
  3. Best amp in the Denver metro area.

    Thanks, man! Most of these girls are trying to save up a few bucks before their green-card expires. Does not do anyone any good to "OUT" them. Just means they get busted and deported.
  4. Just have to laugh: the stupes keep on putting all their information on the internet....does not matter how many big names get hacked (Home Depot, Walmart, Citibank) they just continue to think it will not happen to THEM.
  5. GREEK: GFE or PSE?

    Defo PSE.....done this a few times...don't really care for it. It is all about the "visual" (in reality, an asshole does not FEEL nearly as good as a pussy) It comes down to the visual, and that is definitely PSE.
  6. How do you like the hair down there?

    I want to be surprised. Bald can be rocking, little bit can be rocking, little-bit-more is surprising (in today's world) but STILL hot. The only turn-off is a bush the size of Mt. Vesuvius....(think Yoko on the White-Album). I had this conversation with friends, and the consensus was " 1/4" or less, and everyone is happy"
  7. I Think I Understand Now!

    LOL: You still have not learned that men are idiots? You are posting on a hobby website and are surprised that they hit on you?
  8. When is old too old?

    LOL, bud: whatever makes you happy!! Look, I am pushing 50...I am the most comfortable with women in their 40's. If I am looking for the "young" thing...a woman in her 30's makes me feel like a stud. This may have to do with my past...when I was in my 20's I had a partner, and so have no fantasies about 20-year old women (been there done that)...In my 30's I was single and devoted to my career (so I still have fantasies about women in their 30's)....Just have to say that I have the most fun with women in their 40's
  9. Why Would Anyone Use Viagra?

    Honestly: If you can do it without Viagra...DO IT! On the other hand, if it is not working USE Viagra. What am I missing here???
  10. The "Body Describer Table"

    I'll take 1 of each!! Thank you very much!!
  11. feeling annoyed

    ASK them. Tell them you have a colleague who needs to meet with you later this night.
  12. Ladies, please open the door :)

    If you LOOK like you belong (and have a purpose) there is no problem....If you are freaking out and slinking along....there is going to be a problem!
  13. Ladies, please open the door :)

    LOL: I had no idea how much angst went into this:) Seriously, I have spent literally MONTHS and MONTHS living in motels and hotels while on the road. It seems TOTALLY normal to me to walk into a motel, search for the elevator, and knock on someone's door. I have done this hundreds of times. (while on business, we OFTEN do this....I have worked on proposals until the late-nite hours with female colleagues, I have worked on programming in a hotel room with male colleagues) So I am laughing.....the couple of times I have went to an in call at a hotel, it did not EVEN OCCUR TO ME to be self-conscious....hell, I would not even be self-conscious if I asked the DESK for help....I have done it many times:) I think the key is to be confident...You are there for a REASON!
  14. Needless to say, I never scheduled another appointment with her....She has since retired, hope she found that good man with a career:)