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  1. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    How does that even happen? The ladies I have met have all had an opportunity to verify that the cash is correct before anything gets started. For example, "leave the donation on the bathroom counter, and get in the shower" or "place the donation on the dresser, then get undressed". I'm sorry you're having to deal with this! I hope you're able to find a way to consistently get what you have rightfully earned!
  2. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I don't like any of those things either. It just means I have to be selective about which ladies I see. Much like any other kind of dating - I prefer to see the ladies that are "my type". I would never dream of trying to force some random lady to become what I want. Unless she's into that, maybe?
  3. Wild Visit

    Good luck finding that one straight guy at Dupont Circle!
  4. Guilty and Ashamed

    I never expect a lady to get back to me immediately, because I assume she's working! But I do hope for a response within a couple of hours.
  5. How Many

    Nah, whenever I do something stupid, one of the admins explains the rules to me.
  6. What do you prefer? photoshoots

    Definitely prefer professional looking shots. I don't care for mirror selfies or anything with Instagram filters. Imagine your client was taking you out on a date and spending your rate that way... What would you wear? Pretty sure yoga pants aren't going to work for dinner at The French Laundry or an evening at the Metropolitan Opera. Of course, every guy likes something different, so who knows. (By the way, your current photos are great.)
  7. Sex Robot Brothel in Texas

    Yeah, it's not like Manassas was the site of one of the most important battles of the Civil War, or anything. Definitely just famous because of a penis.
  8. The Trials of a Newbie - Chapter 2

    True on all points. But kudos for quoting Lord of the Rings.
  9. can someone please...

    Nah, she's cute. Too bad about the smoking.
  10. can someone please...

    I feel like maybe we're spending too much time on this one... on the other hand, maybe I'm not the only one with a ginger problem.
  11. Another etiquette question for the ladies

    I hate it when prividers use those names with me... since I always introduce myself by name. But I fear it's a lost cause. I wonder what the ladies think?
  12. Married guys and outcalls

    I'll be waiting!
  13. Married guys and outcalls

    I would think it would be a per-listing attribute, rather than a profile setting, because I've noticed the same providers sometimes are incalls and sometimes outcalls. I'm a patient turtle, and will happily wait for those special occasions.
  14. New provider in town

    On the bright side, it's really easy to screen those requests away. Welcome to Denver!
  15. Married guys and outcalls

    Yeah, I have done outcall exactly once and that was to a hotel while traveling on business. Way back at the beginning of my hobby days. Not a great decision on my part. What I really want is a way to filter listings for incalls only.