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  1. DUI Enforcement

    For those of you saying "no more than a drink or two", keep in mind that the limit in CO is 0.05%, not 0.08% like many other places. And the "common wisdom" of "one drink per hour" is actually "one drink per three hours" - and most individual drinks are actually closer two "standard drinks". So if you have had a drink in less than three hours, you're almost certainly over the legal limit. By the time you feel ANYTHING, you're already over the limit. And Colorado law doesn't allow DAs to cut you a break. Not worth the risk. If you drive - then no drinks at all. If you can afford our hobby, you can afford a Lyft. Be safe everyone!
  2. Disney Springs??

    Wouldn't that be nice! Did you have any luck?
  3. How dolled up do you like your girl

    I'm definitely in the au naturale group - I'm generally not a fan of makeup, and perfume is second only to smoking as a deal breaker. If I'm just showing up at your in call for a short session, then what you're wearing doesn't make that much difference. But if it's an out "date" or even if we're just meeting at the hotel bar before we head back, I prefer her to dress for the occasion - that is, not club-wear if it's late afternoon, but also not jeans and a t-shirt if it's the Beverly Wilshire. I suppose the most important thing is to be comfortable!
  4. Newbie question about hotels

    Thank you all for this thread. I needed a laugh tonight and you all are great!
  5. F*ck, Marry, Kill: Mayflower Edition

    Considering the number of those people I'm related to, I'll have to pass on this game....
  6. Why the reluctance to take credit and debit cards?

    To be fair, I did pay with a CC at the Love Ranch and Bunny Ranch in Carson City, when I visited them. Good luck finding an ATM that'll spit out what those visits cost! But in Colorado... I wouldn't consider paying with anything but cash, and I don't think I would see someone who asked for a different method of payment (though I guess I might consider paying with gold coin if a lady requested... but if I were a lady, I wouldn't accept those if they were offered).
  7. Totally Random

    I've never seen the show, but Evanna Lynch is on it, so I may have to start watching at some point...
  8. Making Love vs. Sex

    Love and sex are, for me, generally unrelated. The thought of "making love" sort of nauseates me.
  9. The Roaring Twenties

    If only 1920s music, fashion, and lifestyles returns to fashion, I'll be all set. And if only there were more flappers on this board...
  10. 411 on Snow Bunny

    Count me in! Looking forward to those reviews!
  11. What is it about that girl at the mall?

    Only if she's 5'3...
  12. Harrisburg - Hershey!

    When are you going? If you're headed that way in Winter, there's a couple little ski hills. Until then, there's historic Gettysburg. If you're into furniture, you're pretty close to Amish country. But Hershey Park is probably the highlight.
  13. What is it about that girl at the mall?

    Would you ever actually hand out business cards? Once or twice I've met a lady who just screamed "hobby", but there didn't seem to be any good way for either of us to actually bring up the topic, and so we went our separate ways.
  14. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    How does that even happen? The ladies I have met have all had an opportunity to verify that the cash is correct before anything gets started. For example, "leave the donation on the bathroom counter, and get in the shower" or "place the donation on the dresser, then get undressed". I'm sorry you're having to deal with this! I hope you're able to find a way to consistently get what you have rightfully earned!
  15. Ladies, Please Don't....

    I don't like any of those things either. It just means I have to be selective about which ladies I see. Much like any other kind of dating - I prefer to see the ladies that are "my type". I would never dream of trying to force some random lady to become what I want. Unless she's into that, maybe?