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  1. Out of towner

    I wonder if she just refuses to see people who won't complete her screening process - that is, by sending pictures? On the other hand, I wonder if she's a weird middle aged dude collecting photos for weird purposes?
  2. Anyone out there?

    You may be the only one from there on this board... Tell your fellow local hobbyists and providers!
  3. Ultimate Fantasy

    I think I'm going to come back and re-read this fantasy thread periodically. It does get the blood pumping!
  4. Ultimate Fantasy

    Well, if the guys all show up and the ladies get to choose among us, then I like my chances! It'd be like a reverse lineup!
  5. Listings

    This one, obviously! :-) I think Miss Tongue is referring to New England, the forum in which we are posting. And in answer, if you click on "Listings", then click "Search", under "Location", you can click "Change", then choose a state, like "Connecticut". "Vermont" and "New Hampshire" don't appear to have any listings or profiles, but maybe Miss Tongue will be the first!
  6. Ultimate Fantasy

    Once upon a time.... although that was purely social, not business. No awkwardness for me, but then I'm completely comfortable in situations like that. Sharing partners isn't any more awkward than passing around a bottle of booze.
  7. Fort Collins sting

    Gah! If someone said anything like that over the phone, I'd say "Sorry, I must not have understood what we were talking about, thanks anyway!" Repeat after me: "Payment is for time and companionship only."
  8. What's more valuable: More time or video?

    Shooting video is *work*. Making a film that is actually enjoyable later requires shooting and reshooting, from bizarre uncomfortable angles with the camera person invading your space. And then hours of editing. Casually filming an encounter can be fun, but don't expect useful results... the best you should hope for is a reminder of what you experienced at the time.
  9. Definition of a timewaster

    For what it's worth, there are many people where, if you text more than one question, you only get an answer to one of them, because those people are in too much of a hurry to pay attention, read the whole message, then respond to each point. This behavior is not limited to providers... also applied to engineers, doctors, friends, etc. My point is that I wouldn't necessarily consider that time wasting, as we've been trained that it's the only way to actually get answers in a lot of cases.
  10. providers who don’t want reviews

    On her web site, she insists her pictures are real... Maybe you should reach out to her and suggest she update them?
  11. Au Naturale is the new Brazilian! Love this article:)

    I hate body hair in general - on anyone, including myself. I also hate shaving. But I trim. You do you, but I don't want your hair stuck in my teeth.
  12. Would you be offended

    Mouthwash is great, but be aware that some folks simply cannot use an alcohol based one... for example, those who have run afoul of Colorado's 0.05% legal limit and have extra equipment installed in their car by the state. Instead, try one of the alcohol free versions.
  13. DiGiorno and Wine Selection

    The best wine for pizza like that is Lambrusco. You can occasionally find a 1.5L bottle of Riunite Lambrusco for under $10. That's like two standard bottles at $5 a piece. Sweet, bubbly, it's the perfect instant Italian pairing!
  14. Gentlemen post your Fantasy listings

    I'm sure you're just advertising for the ladies... but if not, add me to your queue!
  15. Maple Creek Massage

    Those are vague Boulder references, but since we're not allowed to discuss any of this here, I think it's moot.